12 Times Norm Kelly Was The Ultimate King Of Fall

12 more reasons to love Norm Kelly.

Norm Kelly is by far one of my favourite Torontonians.  I love that he is constantly involved with events going on in the city, and that he is always trying to connect with the citizens of Toronto.

But recently, he has completely upped his social media presence with his enthusiasm towards fall.  I love a good pumpkin as much as the next person, but Norm has hyped up fall in Toronto so much that it has quickly become my favourite season in this beautiful city.

So, I took it upon myself to creep Norm on social media regularly for about a month, and I have come to the conclusion that he is the ultimate king of fall.  Here is my proof....

Before summer even came to a close, Norm Kelly had his mind on one thing, and one thing only; Pumpkin spice.

He let the anticipation build as August came to an end...

...And once September rolled around, the fall tweets came flooding in.

Norm recognized the diversity of pumpkin spice products, similar to the cultural diversity Toronto offers.

And you better believe he's been embracing his fall wardrobe!

He's also recognized that with the colder weather, comes flu season. Thanks for looking out Norm!

Then he dropped this bomb late September, and we all realised we need to get our shit together before 2017 begins!

Once October rolled around he wasted no time bringing out the fall emojis.

Norm threw a little shade at our U.S. neighbors, and Toronto loved it.

But, he also took this as an opportunity to educate people on why we celebrate Thanksgiving when we do.

Shortly after he also stomped out any rumors of us having "wild" Thanksgiving dinners.  Thanks for always keeping it real Norm.

And like any true king of fall, he has been keeping us up to date on our city's fall foliage.