12 Toronto Cozy Cafes To Curl Up With A Good Book This Fall

Tis the season for reading.

Photo cred - biancat4

The best thing about fall is that sitting in coffee shops becomes much more appropriate than it was in the summer, when you wanted to be outside all the time. And what goes better with coffee shops than a book you've been meaning to read for ages? This city has a lot to offer in terms of cozy coffee spots, but here are some of the ones we like to hit up.

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Holy Oak

Where: 1241 Bloor St W

Cafe by day, bar/music spot by night, Holy Oak has it all. Their coffee selection is decent, but the calming atmosphere is really what you're going for here. Plus, they have some of the best Wi Fi I've experienced in the city, for when you wanna take a break from reading.

Moonbeam Cafe

Where:30 St. Andrew St

Right at the heart of Kensington Market, Moonbeam soaks in the laid back vibes of that neighbourhood. It's been around longer than any other cafe in the area, and it shows, because their in-house roasted coffee is fantastic. They have a cozy little seating area in the back, away from people ordering things, where you can look out the window at their cute patio.

CSI Coffee Pub

Where: 720 Bathurst St

This spot has a really spacious layout, but still manages to have a really cozy vibe. There are a ton of big tables for group work, as well as small, comfortable armchairs to curl up on. It's in the same building as the Center for Social Innovation, and there actually isn't any sort off wall separating their workspace and the coffee shop portion of the place, which is fine, because the atmosphere cultivates a sense of community.

Tequila Bookworm

Where: 512 Queen St W

Tequila Bookworm was made for you to do your reading in it. It's got soft lighting, quiet music, and most importantly, a massive bookshelf all along one wall that's just full of books. Even if you don't have anything to read, Bookworm will provide.

White Squirrel

Where: 907 Queen St. W

Seating is a bit hard to come by here, but if you can grab a spot at the window, this is one of the best places for people-watching in the city. Right on Queen West, minutes from Trinity Bellwoods, there's no where else to read Jack Kerouac and feel like you're really a part of his world.

Ella's Uncle (Dundas location)

Where: 916 Dundas St W

The white walls and soft lighting in this place make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Another pretty small space, but once again, getting a spot near the window is great. You'll be facing Dundas Street, where foot traffic is heavy, while you enjoy a light read that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Rooster Coffee House (Riverdale location)

Where: 479 Broadview Ave

This spot wants you to sit and stay a while. There's comfortable leather chairs, boardgames, and a great view of Riverdale Park. Why would you want to spend a quiet afternoon reading anywhere else?

Manic Coffee

Where: 426 College St

Manic Coffee has no Wi Fi, so there's no way you'll get distracted from your reading. What it does have is a friendly vibe, and amazing coffee. They also make all of their delicious baked goods in-house. What more could you possibly want?

Flying Pony

Where: 1481 Gerrard St

Flying Pony's whole thing is mixing art and coffee. They have local artists' works displayed all along the walls, and who's being featured changes every month. They've also got a "Take a book, leave a book" station, where you can rummage around and find exactly what'll satisfy your brain craving.

Tango Palace

Where: 1156 Queen St E

Tango Palace easily has the coziest vibe of any cafe I've been to in the city, with its upholstered chairs, deep wooden tables, and kitchy chandeliers. Don't you just wanna read a book all over that place?

Jet Fuel

Where: 519 Parliament St

This coffee shop has an old school vibe, lots of small tables and chairs, and a big ol' window to look out of. They also serve their coffee in pint glasses, which is fun.

Balzac's Cafe (Distillery District location)

Where:1 Trinity Street

Balzac's is always lovely, but their Distillery District location is easily the prettiest one. Super high ceilings, cute furniture and gorgeous brickwork make this a great spot to sit at with something warm and a good book.

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