Photo cred - Michelle Liando

Fall's pretty gorgeous, y'all. The air is crisp, the leaves are changing into all these different colours. One might call it nature's aphrodisiac. You should take advantage of it, before it's too cold to go outside. Take your bae, or someone you want to become your bae, to one of these romantic ass spots in the city and I guarantee you'll have a cozy winter.

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High Park

Easily my favourite park in the city. This massive park has lots of winding trails to go through where you can really spend some time with nature.

Humber Bay Butterfly Habitat

Can you imagine anything more beautiful than walking through a picturesque garden with butterflies flying through the air around you?

Rouge Park

Great for if you and your special someone are feeling adventurous, Rouge park is Toronto's biggest park, but is also not super well known. You can hike through it for hours and rarely encounter another person.

Photo cred - Derek van Vliet

Toronto Music Garden

For when you're feeling classy. This park's design was inspired by Bach's First Suite for Unaccompanied Cello. Each dance movement corresponds with a different section of the park. Memorize the parts and impress your date.

HTO Park

This park's got everything you could possibly want in a leisurely stroll: grassy hills, beaches, and a view of the water.

Trinity Bellwoods

If you're into people-watching, this park is great for that. Wander around and watch all the drunk millennials playing frizbee, or the soccer moms going for jogs with their dogs.

The Scarborough Bluffs

Great for planning your day around, these bluffs go on for miles, and provide a pretty epic view of the cliffs dropping into Lake Ontario.

Riverdale Farm

For the animal lover in all of us. Go make friends with some goats!

Photo cred - Property#1

Edwards Gardens

This place has everything you could ever want in a park: rock gardens, a greenhouse, bridges, and fountains. It's also where you'll find the Botanical Gardens, which is great if you want a little more structure to your nature.

Ward Island

Hop on the ferry over to the Toronto Islands where you can sunbathe, go for a tandem bike ride, or just wander around aimlessly along the boardwalk until you get yourselves lost.

Crothers Woods

Get your adventurer on in these huge woodlands. You and your beau will forget you're actually right next to the city.

Glen Stewart Ravine

If you're big fans of nature, you'll like this place. There is a lot of nature here, and some of it has eyes and legs and sometimes wings. What I'm getting at is, you're going to see a lot of animals.

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