12 Toronto Places Where Gorgeous Women Hang Out

It's not easy to find the right girl.
12 Toronto Places Where Gorgeous Women Hang Out

There are so many beautiful women in Toronto, but the question is, where do they all go out? Our city is so big, there are so many venues to choose from. Restaurants, bars, lounges, private clubs; how do you decide where to make the move?  Well, they're definitely not sitting at home, I'll tell you that much.

If you're lacking some female attention in life and you're interested in meeting someone new, you should stop by one of these 12 Toronto Place Where Gorgeous Women Hang Out:

1. America (Trump Hotel) // 325 Bay St.

Delicious food and beautiful women, what a wonderful combination. If you’ve never been here before, it's time to pay a visit and see for yourself (especially if you love eastern European women).

2. Soho House // 192 Adelaide St W. 

You can join the private club for approximately $1,800 a year and admire all the beautiful ladies that go there. The social club attracts an upscale crowd that has both of two worlds - money + good looking people.

3. The Spokes Club // 600 King St W.

The Spokes Club was Toronto's first exclusive private club. If you're looking to chat up some ladies in the media, entertainment and arts industry, this is the place to be.

Photo cred - @juliaaventurin

4. Thompson Hotel // 550 Wellington St. W.

Whether you're having a drink in the lobby, chilling on the rooftop or dancing your night away downstairs at Wildflower, you'll be sure to see more than a handful of gorgeous girls.

5. Cactus Club // 77 Adelaide St.W

One of Toronto's newly opened restaurants gathers together many of the beautiful ladies in the city. This fine dining restaurant has 3 floors and can sit up to 500 people in the 15,200-square-feet venue.

6. Spice Route // 499 King St.W.

This luxe nightclub-style venue has a food menu that is to die for. If you haven't checked out one of Toronto's top Asian bistro's, stop by and spice up your meal along with cocktails and beautiful ladies.

7. Lee's // 601 King St.W.

It's quite obvious that Drake's venue attracts all the gorgeous women in Toronto. With the help from one of Toronto's most talented chefs Susur Lee, Drake has not disappointed us because Lee's has jaw dropping food and ladies! Plan your visit in advance, the the restaurant fills up quickly!

8. Sher Club // ACC

Sher Club has VIP written all over it, good luck getting in. This is Drake's second venue, which is located inside the ACC for private guests. It costs about $7,000 a year and you'll be fortunate if you get an invite. The ladies that do get in,are totally worth mingling with!

Photo cred - @zaradee.xo

9. Dec Terrace & Lounge  // 181 Wellington St.W.

Dec is an upscale lounge and restaurant located inside the Ritz Carlton. Its chic dining area is designed with an outdoor patio and open-air fire pit, creating a warming environemnt for ladies to indulge in.

10. Nikai // 190 University Ave.

Enjoy a drink along with some food on the second floor of Momofuku, located inside Toronto's Shangri-La Hotel. If you're there on a Wednesday, make sure to stop the lobby and listen to some live music, the ladies love it!

11. Figo // 295 Adelaide St.W.

Tasty cocktails, amazing food and overall an astonishing venue. Figo servesItalian cuisine in a stylishly elegant manner, just the way ladies like it.

12. Toronto Temperance Society // 577A College St.

Toronto Temperance Society's elegant ambiance is felt the moment you walk through the door. The dimmed lights create a fabulous atmosphere for socializing, while enjoying one of their drinks from the extensive cocktail menu. Chat up a bartender and get your conversation going with a lady by buying her a drink!

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