Having guests from out of town can be challenging. On top of wanting to make them feel at home, you also want to impress them with the best that your city has to offer. The difficulty lies in the fact that most first-timers to Toronto will likely have pretty high expectations of the city.

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There's no need to fret, though - Toronto has so many amazing things to offer. It's food and restaurant scene, in particular, is one of the best in the world. So if you're looking to impress your guests, the best way to start would probably be with a great Toronto restaurant.  Here are 12 of them that will surely knock your guests' socks off:

Alo // 163 Spadina Ave

Alo is a relative newcomer to the Toronto restaurant scene. The restaurant promises to deliver only the best in French cuisine, and boy do they deliver. Combined with their superb staff and stunning venue, a trip to Alo is perfect way to win your guests over.

Parcae // 348 Adelaide St

Parcae offers some of the best Mediterranean cuisine in the city, boasting a menu that was meticulously formulated by the talented Chef Danny Hassell (formerly Buca) and Chef Joseph Awad (formerly Sugar Shack). Their different approaches to food are combined to create an entire line of signature dishes that put an wonderful spin on traditional meat platters.

Dandylion // 1198 Queen St W

Dandylion combines the rustic elements of its Ossington venue with simple but elegant dishes to create a distinct and memorable dining experience. With Asia-European influences, Chef Jay Carter (formerly Centro) has created a vegetable-rich menu that will open your eyes (and taste buds) to new possibilities.

FIGO // 295 Adelaide St W

FIGO is an Italian-inspired restaurant that proves simple is better. Chef Anna Chen uses only the freshest ingredients to create an Italian-inspired menu that results from the marriage of modern and contemporary techniques.Choose from delectable pastas to wood-fired pizzas and perfected ricottas.

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Flor De Sal // 501 Davenport Rd

Flor De Sal's culinary inspirations are rooted in historic, home-style Mediterranean cooking that is intricate and beautiful in taste and presentation. It boasts an extensive menu that is brimming with European flair, and an elegant, cozy venue that will make you feel right at home.

Patois // 794 Dundas St W

Patois is the love child of Caribbean and Asian cuisines. The restaurant boasts an affordable menu with unique and tasty options that would definitely be interesting to the adventurous tongue. A more casual (but still gorgeous) venue completes the entire laid-back dining experience.

Yunaghi // 538 Manning Ave

Yunaghi is a restaurant where traditional Japanese dishes are the canvas, international cuisines are the paints, and Chefs Tetsuya Shimizu (formerly Yours Truly) and Koichi Fujioka (formerly Hapa Izakaya) are the artists. Every dish explodes with flavour and will definitely leave you drooling for more.

Maha's // 226 Greenwood Ave

Maha's is a small family restaurant in the Greenwood-Coxwell area that specializes in the best Egyptian cuisine. The restaurant is led by the matriarch of the family, Chef Maha Barsoom, who developed a menu that is faithful to traditional Egyptian foods and cooking styles.

Modus Ristorante // 145 King St W

Modus Ristorante is a relatively new restaurant in the Financial District the specializes in upscale Italian fine dining. Along with its to-die-for menu, the venue itself is so stunning you'll feel like a celebrity.

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Pantheon // 407 Danforth Ave

Pantheon specializes in traditional Greek dishes and uses only the finest ingredients. Even the fish they use is fresh from the waters of Greece! The venue is decorated with gorgeous Greek art throughout, which adds to the overall Greek dining experience.

Patria // 478 King St W

Patria is an authentic Spanish tapas restaurant on King Street that boasts an extensive Spanish traditional and seafood menu. Their dishes, combined with their exclusive list of Spanish wines makes for the perfect combination.

Rosewater // 19 Toronto St

Rosewater is located just minutes away from Toronto's Theatre district, which makes it a great place to bring your guests after a show. With breathtaking interior design and an exquisite main-course menu, you and your guests are sure to leave more than satisfied.

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