Pizza, pasta, potatoes, oh my! Carbs are literally what makes the world go round and every foodie knows it. If you're one for indulging you've come to the right place.

Seriously think about it, all the best foods are made up of carbs. French fries, mac and cheese, pizza and dessert literally take the cake for being the best foods in the world and, that's right, they're all carbs!

So give in to the urge for some high carb goodness.Whether you're looking for a cheat meal or you just love bread, we have the 12 best restaurants in the city to load up on delicious carbs!

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1. Masseria // 577 King Street West.

Inspired by real Italian cuisine, Masseria offers pizza's that are literally drool inducing. You can make your own pizza or choose from a list of platters, there is sure to be something for everyone.

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2. The Passenger // 2968 Dundas St W

Burgers, chicken wings, fries, pasta, steak and open for brunch? Even with a smaller menu, this Dundas spot will not disappoint carb lovers. Really what else is there to tell you about The Passenger other than you have to go ASAP.

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3. Bobbie Sue's Mac & Cheese // 162 Ossington Avenue

Offering up our favourite childhood dish nine different ways, Bobbie Sue's knows how to whip up the best mac and cheese. Even the pickiest carb-lovers (I'm looking at you gluten-free) have options at this adorable Ossington gem.

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4. The Stockyards // 699 St. Clair West

If you're into BBQ and diner-style hangouts then you're going to love The Stockyards. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, grab some a pulled pork sandwich or some chicken and waffles to satisfy your carb cravings.

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5. Moo Frites // 178 Baldwin Street

French fries just make everything better and Moo Frites knows this. If you're a carb lover you know that potatoes are God's gift. Grab some war fries, kimchi fries or just a regular poutine to make your whole day instantly better.

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6. Home Of The Brave (HOTB) // 589 King St West

Serving up some classic American grub HOTB is a must if you're looking for delicious carbs. With dishes such as corn bread, tater tots, ribs, and sandwiches, it's easy to see why we're obsessed.

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7. OM Grilled Cheese // 66 1/2 Nassau Street

A good grilled cheese sandwich can take us back to childhood, we can't think of anything better than some nice bread and melty cheese. OM Grilled Cheese has perfected the art of making the perfect gooey grilled cheese while adding on chips and a pickle for the perfect crunch.

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8. Junked Food Co. // 507 Queen West

Junked Food Co. is a carb lovers paradise. Whether you love your carbs sweet or salty, Junked has incredible snacks that are perfect to end your drunk night out. Don't believe me? Grab a Dorito smash bag for yourself and change your life.

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9. Burrito Bandidos // 2 Walmer Road, 2 Grosvenor Street, 1614 Queen St. East

Not just one or two, but three places to grab a burrito that will satisfy your carb needs. Burrito Bandido's knows the way to the heart is clearly through our stomachs. Grab your crew and get the most filling, delicious burrito known to man.

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10. Daddyo's Pasta and Salads // 673 Spadina Avenue

Sure the name says salad but who actually orders it? Not only do you have a large portion of pasta at a fair price, you also get to choose from over 20 different types. Is pasta not your thing? Try a pita or stir fry to carb the f^ck up.

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11. Corrado's // 118 John Street

"Oh, I've got balls" is right! Most people know Corrado's for their funny slogan but they're serving up the best Italian and Greek food on the daily. Grab their meatballs and see for yourself!

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12. Apiecalypse Now! // 735 Bloor Street W

Vegan can tend to mean leafy and bland but not if we're talking about Apiecalypse Now! Bringing a whole new meaning to vegan comfort food, carb up with some pizza, donuts, and meat-free POGOs. They're sure to change your life!

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