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12 Toronto Restaurants To Go To If You're Craving A Home Cooked Meal

In case you're already missing home.
12 Toronto Restaurants To Go To If You're Craving A Home Cooked Meal

Sometimes the ultimate cure to homesickness is having a home cooked meal.  For those of you who don't exactly call Toronto "home" yet, this might be something that seems a little unrealistic.

Lucky for you, Toronto is home to tons of places that serve authentic home styled meals. If you're craving comfort food that can compare to what your mom used to make, then take a look at these options below.  Hopefully these dishes can subside your homesickness, and give you a break from microwave meals and fast food.

1. Bobby Sue's Mac and Cheese // 162 Ossington Ave.

If you're looking for the ultimate comfort food, you need to visit Bobby Sue's Mac and Cheese. There is  no reason you should have to settle for you microwave Kraft Dinner after trying this Toronto gem!

2. Mama Martino's // 624 The Queensway

Mama Martino's is a family run restaurant with friendly staff that will definitely make you feel at home.  The meals are relatively simple, but full of flavour.  Mama Martino's definitely knows how to serve up classic Italian dishes for a great price!

3. Caplansky's // 356 College St.

Caplansky's knows that you don't mess with a good thing.  This Toronto favourite is extremely popular because they keep things authentic and simple, making it the perfect home-styled meal destination!

4. Saturday Dinette // 807 Gerrard St E.

If you're tired of your Tim's breakfast sandwich, it's probably time to go to Saturday Dinette. There is no better way to start the day than a hearty breakfast, and Saturday Dinette definitely does not disappoint.

5. Rashers // 948 Queen St. East

Sure, a sandwich is relatively simple to make, but realistically you will never get as good of an outcome as Rashers does. They're fresh ingredients and casual atmosphere makes for the perfect place to enjoy a home-styled sandwich.

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6. O + B Canteen // 330 King Street West.

A roast is something that is usually associated with a family dinner.  Recreate your Sunday dinners at O + B Canteen in Toronto.  They offer an amazing roast with mashed potatoes every Sunday, yum!

7. The White Brick Kitchen // 641 Bloor St W. 

Move aside burnt toast with peanut butter, it's time for a real breakfast. Between school and work we often neglect the most important meal of the day. The White Brick Kitchen will provide you with a balanced breakfast that's full of flavour. Be sure to set aside the time to pay them a visit this weekend.

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8. Schnitzel Queen // 211 Queen St E.

Schnitzel Queen is a hidden gem in the East end of Toronto. If you're looking for authentic German food, you've found your new spot. Schnitzel Queen never skimps out on the portions, so you'll definitely have left overs to enjoy the next day!

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9. George Street Diner // 129 George St.

If you're craving an Irish breakfast, head to George Street Diner.  They totally understand that there is no better pairing than beans and toast.  The George Street Diner has a laid back atmosphere, making it the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing weekend breakfast.

10. Mother's Dumplings // 421 Spadina Ave.

Mother's Dumplings has some of the best dumplings in Toronto, which I recognize is a huge statement.  The recipes used at Mother's dumplings have actually been passed down by the owner's mother (hence the name).  If you're looking for comfort food, you've found your destination.

11. Joso's // 202 Davenport Rd.

Realistically, not many of us are ambitious enough to cook incredible seafood.  If you just can't wait for your next visit home to enjoy some fresh fish, head to Joso's. You'll surely be impressed by their extensive menu and tasty dishes.

12. The Saucy Pierogi // 1282 Dundas St W.

I don't know about you, but there is something about Pierogi's that instantly reminds me of home.

If you're looking for a warm meal that's extremely filling be sure to check out The Saucy Pierogi!

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