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12 TV Commercials Every Torontonian Knows All Too Well

Forever stuck in our heads.
12 TV Commercials Every Torontonian Knows All Too Well

A few months ago, I came out with an article entitled 7 TV Commercials From The 90's Every Canadian Knows All Too Well, which featured iconic PSAs from the good ol' days. From house hippos and "don't you put it in your mouth" to African Lion Safari and Aidan cutting his sister in half again, commercials have proven their uncanny ability to get stuck in our heads and stay there for a very, very long time.

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Some commercials have lasted the test of time, more so than those 90's PSAs. For the most part, it's their jingles that make them so recognizable. Here are # iconic TV commercials every Torontonian knows all too well:

Note: Some of the following videos only consist of audio, but they should still be recognizable nonetheless.

Oliver Jewellery

Diamond & Diamond Personal Injury Lawyers

Barapp Law

Capital Direct

Harold the Jewellery Buyer

(FYI: He's "Harold the Mortgage Closer" now)

Sleep Country Canada

Sell Off Vacations

Oren Is Better

Cellino & Barnes

United Furniture Warehouse

Alarm Force

Pizza Nova

Honourable Mention: Rockcliff Auto ("No credit checks, no credit checks, we finance everyonnne!"

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