12 Unique Desserts in Toronto That Will Keep You Cool This Summer

12 Unique Desserts in Toronto That Will Keep You Cool This Summer

The best part of summers in Toronto is the crazy amount of unique desserts that start to surface around this time of year. Toronto has a lot to offer and amazing desserts is for sure on the top of the list! 

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Toronto takes the generic version of ice cream and totally transforms it! Whether it be through milkshakes, tacos, rolls, or even sandwiches. Here is a list of 14 unique desserts in Toronto that will keep you cool this summer! 

Cool N2 // 28 South Unionville Ave 

Nitrogen Ice Cream

This cute ice cream shop offers frozen treats made with using huge tanks of liquid nitrogen. You can add different toppings and drizzles to make it your own. 

Tsujiri // 147 Dundas St W 

Mochi Balls with Green Tea Soft Serve 

Snug, buzzing spot serving matcha-infused teas, ice cream & pastries. Try the mochi ice cream along with the green tea soft serve! 

Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery // 93a Ossington Ave

Hong Kong Style Waffles with Soft Serve 

Ice cream sandwiches on homemade cookies, cups, cones–but what we're most excited about is the Hong Kong style waffles! Served up with your choice of ice cream. 

iHalo Krunch // 915 Queen St W

Charcol Ice Cream and Cones

iHalo Krunch is an ice cream shop that serves a variety of unique soft serveflavoursin unconventional cones - including charcoal cones! I know it may be off-putting at first, but it is amazing once you try it. iHalo has lines outside their shop that run hours long. 

Eva's Original Chimneys // 454 Bloor St W

Chimney Cakes and Cones

Eva's uses a traditional-style, open rotisserie grill so you can watch your Chimney Cake or Chimney Cone bake right before your eyes as you wait!

Sweet Olenka's // Multiple Locations

Red Velvet Popsicle 

A cozy dessert specialist showcasing pastries, ice cream & candy with a cheery vibe. Famous for their red velvet popsicles. Super cute and Instagrammable. 

Arctic Bites // 21 Baldwin St 

Thai Rolls 

Home of Toronto's first Thai inspired ice cream rolls. With various amounts of toppings, you can never get bored of this place! 

Booyah // 16 Vaughan Rd A

Ice Cream Tacos 

An adorable parlour serving gourmet ice cream sandwiches made with homemade cookies, plus shakes, cones & more. Our favourite is the ice cream taco! 

Seven Lives Paleteria // 72 Kensington Ave

Dole Whip Floats 

A vibrantly colored shop offering Mexican-style popsicles & non-dairy soft-serve plus toppings.  The closest thing we can get to Disney's Dole Whips, but in Toronto! 

Brett's Ice Cream // 1698 Queen St E

Cake Batter Ice Cream Cones

Bright ice cream parlour with a changing selection of scoops, plus colourful cake-batter cones!!! With a huge variety of different flavour cones, we suggest you try the red velvet, orange creamsicle, and the birthday cake ones! 

CutiePie Cupcakes & Co. Espresso Coffee Bar // 235 Spadina Ave #2

Rainbow Ice Cream Cones

Unleash your inner unicorn! Along with many other unicorn-esque products on the menu, their rainbow ice cream cones are to die for! They also make for a great picture as well. 

FUGO Desserts // 205 Dundas St W 

Cookie Monster Cones

Probably the most Instagrammed dessert in Toronto. With two blue scoops of ice cream and a few carefully places mini Chips Ahoy cookies, along with the crushed Oreos decorating the rim of the cone. I think its safe to say that Fugo has got it right with desserts!