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12 Unique Places To Date A Date In Waterloo If You Don't Drink

Waterloo-se the hangover.

Coming up with new unique date ideas can be tough. Usually we just settle for dinner and a movie, going out for a drink or just staying in and watching Netflix. If you're disappointed in your date ideas and you're looking for inspo, you're in the right place.

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Waterloo has tons of super amazing things to do if you're looking for a sober date day or night. We've got a great list of unique ideas including outdoor activities, restaurants and fun & games. 

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Outdoor Activities 


Fun & Games

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Outdoor Activities

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1. Explore The Grand River on a canoe trip. 

Nothing says romance like a boat trip. The Grand River is just outside of Waterloo in Kitchener, and is absolutely beautiful.

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2. Take a walk along the Forwell Trail. 

This popular trail in Waterloo is perfect for a nice walk or bike ride. Breathe in fresh air and have some deep convos with bae.

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3. Ride off into the distance at Conestogo River Horseback Adventures.

The only thing more romantic than a walk or boat ride is a horseback ride. Ride horses with your significant other on this beautiful trail.

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4. Get romantic under the Waterloo "Kissing Bridge". 

What better free activity than roaming around the waterloo kissing bridge? The ideal date spot in the city.

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1. Settlement Co. // 23 King St N 

This cozy spot is perfect for a relaxed date. They have tons of uniquely topped toasts, salads, sandwiches and more!

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2. The Berlin // 45 King St W

This modern restaurant is the perfect spot for a dinner date. Beautifully presented plates and gourmet dishes are perfect to make for an amazing night.

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3. Wildcraft Grill Bar // 425 King St N

This amazing restaurant puts a spin on classic dishes. All your favourites with a twist!

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4. King Fish and Chips // 967 King St E 

If you or you're partner is into seafood, this is an amazing spot in Waterloo that will surely satisfy your fish and chips cravings!

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Fun & Games 

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1. Geek out at Ctrl V, Waterloo's virtual reality arcade!

Challenge your date to a virtual reality game! Whoever loses has to pay for dinner.

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2. Play pool at The Break Room.

You know the classic date: guy teaches the girl how to shoot pool, he shows her how to point the cue, they kiss and live happily ever after? This could be you.

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3. Go Bowling at Brunswick Zone Frederick Lanes. 

Bowling is perfect for a super fun game date night. Check out the Brunswick Zone Frederick Lanes, just outside Waterloo in Kitchener.

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4. Drink coffee and chill at Crossroads Board Game Cafe. 

This board game cafe is the perfect place to chill with your significant other and lounge in a chill atmosphere. The perfect rainy day date!

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