The way I see it, you really only need three things in order to have a great trip: money, good company, and an unforgettable location. Location, in particular, is something that Canada excels in because it just has so much to offer. It's got everything from the mindblowingly surreal to the most bizarre places you could ever imagine.

Canada also has a selection of unusual hotels that are worthy trip destinations in themselves. If you're planning to explore the Great White North, you should definitely add these quirky hotels to your bucket list (they are listed in no particular order):

1. Hôtel de Glace // Quebec City, QC

Hôtel de Glace is a hotel that's completely made out of ice (500 tons) and snow (30,000 tons), from the structure of the building itself to every piece of furniture within it. It is located 10 minutes from downtown Quebec City and features 44 rooms, gigantic snow vaults and breathtaking crystal ice sculptures throughout.

2. Free Spirit Spheres // Qualicum Beach, BC

Free Spirit Spheres offers a unique twist on camping. The resort consists of spherical rooms suspended high up within the lush canopies of the BC rainforest. The spheres also sway ever so lightly to give you a truly peaceful experience.

3. Clayoquot Wilderness Resort // Tofino, BC

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort combines the ambience of the great outdoors with five-star fine dining and activities. The resort has large, fully-furnished white tents containing all sorts of cute antique furniture and artifacts. Apart from providing its guests a relaxing experience, the resort is also committed to the restoration and preservation of the surrounding land.

Photo cred - Fantasyland Hotel

4. Fantasyland Hotel // Edmonton, AB

Fantasyland Hotel is located within West Edmonton Mall. It consists of a variety of different themed rooms, from a Polynesian room to an Arabian room. The hotel is a particularly great place for families with young ones.

5. Flora Bora Forest Lodging // Christopher Lake, SK

Flora Bora is a forest paradise consisting of uniquely decorated yurts, which are circular, collapsible tents originally used by European nomads. Each yurt is fully furnished and offers amazing views of Christopher Lake and the surrounding forests.

6. Gladstone Hotel // Toronto, ON

Gladstone Hotel is a boutique art hotel in Toronto consisting of 37 rooms that are each uniquely designed by various artists. The hotel also has 3 dedicated gallery spaces and hosts over 70 art exhibitions every year. There's a current promotion for 25% off artist-designed rooms between Feb 16-29. Book your room today!

7. Ottawa Jail Hostel // Ottawa, ON

The Ottawa Jail Hostel was formerly the Carlteon County Gaol for criminals. You'll get the chance to stay in one of the hotel's original jail cells, go on a tour of the hostel and learn more about the haunted history of the 150-year-old building.

8. Ridgeback Lodge // Kingston Creek, NB

Ridgeback Lodge is a forest resort that contains geodesic domes that are great for stargazing. Each dome is fully furnished and contains unique features such as a pellet stove and a Japanese hot tub. The domes range in maximum capacity, from two individuals to six.

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9. Bombay Peggy’s // Dawson City, YT

Bombay Peggy's is a restored Victorian inn that was once a Gold Rush brothel in the early 1940's. All the rooms are furnished with various antiques and have unique stories behind them that will definitely raise your curiosity.

10. Tundra Lodge // Churchill, Manitoba

The Tundra Lodge is a hotel-on-wheels that that is specifically designed for polar bear observation. The moving lodge has viewing windows and open-air observation decks that will allow you to see the beauty of polar bears and the subarctic tundra in general.

11. Westpoint Lighthouse Inn // O’Leary, PEI

Westpoint Lighthouse Inn accommodates guests in cozy rooms within the lighthouse or in a nearby seaside campground. Explore the surrounding beaches and indulge in the best seafood the east coast has to offer.

12. Fogo Island Inn // Joe Batt’s Arm, NFL

Fogo Island Inn is a hotel in Newfoundland that boasts a fantastic architectural design. It features 29 guest suites, a world-renowned restaurant, a library, in-house movie theatre and art gallery.

BONUS: Vancouver Aquarium // Vancouver, BC

Although not a hotel, the Vancouver Aquarium hosts sleepovers after it has closed for the day. The sleepovers consist of a night of fun activities, including a behind-the-scenes tour of their marine lab, a petting session with various invertebrates and more.