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12 Very Real Things All Torontonians Do When Fall Comes

Can I bring out my peace collective sweater yet?
12 Very Real Things All Torontonians Do When Fall Comes

I know technically it's still summer according to the calendar, and to be honest as long as the CNE is still happening it's summer in our hearts, but damn these "summer nights" are no joke. 14 degrees celsius??? WHAT HAPPENED TO WARM NIGHTS?

As heart broken I am the summer weather is leaving, that means one thing: fall is near. Fall is the best season, not too hot not too cold AND it has the best fashion. Our city goes in when the fall hits, and we're known to do some crazy things. 

1. You take artsy photos of yourself in a fall outfit in High Park.

2. The Pumpkin Spice Latte is back - at EVERY local coffee shop. And you're taking advantage of it. 

3. Wearing a 'Home Is Toronto' jacket or sweater from Peace Collective. 

4. Plan out their whole evening for Nuit Blanche. 

5. Everyone starts training for marathons like  Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront, CIBC Run for the Cure, and the Toronto Zoo run.

6. Wearing the same blanket scarf with every single outfit. 

7. Complain that they Bloor subway line is too hot. Even though everyone over dresses for the weather. 

8. Take advantage of the fall farmer's markets like:  Evergreen Brick Works, Trinity Bellwoods Farmers’s Market, and St. Lawrence Market

9. Complain about the congestion of Yonge and Dundas now that Ryerson students are back. 

10. Have a squad day trip to Springridge farm for apple and pumpkin picking. 

11. We all start taking the path because it's getting cold... fast. 

12. Everyone in Toronto treasures the sweater weather and light jackets because we know winter is going to be a bitch. 

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