So your relationship ended. Suddenly, life is different. You have no one to constantly text, and a ton of free time that you wish could still be spent with your ex. Or- maybe you haven't been in a relationship for a while, and consequently you've spent years complaining & believing that the grass is greener on the other side.

Well it's time to stop moping around and realize that there are certain freedoms and advantages to being single, as well as opportunities for your time to be better spent! Here are twelve things you can do to make the most out of being single.

1. Stay out late

Now you can stay out as late as you'd like without being held accountable to your boyfriend/girlfriend. Maybe you always did this, but now, no one is going to make you feel guilty for dancing 'til your phone dies - because you're not responsible for anyone's feelings. So do ya thang!

2. Join a class

When you try something new, you learn something new about yourself. You'll also get to meet new people and perhaps even gain a new skill. Check out some of our ideas here.

3. Join Dating Apps

Whether or not you choose to pursue contact with your matches, they will remind you that you're a hot commodity and that there are many, many fish in the sea.

4. Eat a lot

No one is going to see you naked tonight, so don't think twice before diving into the next row of Oreos.

5. Watch Reality/trash TV, guilt-free

If a significant other who cares about your mental well-being is beside you, there is a good chance they'll beg you to flip the channel. If you get to keep it on, at some point you'll probably be confronted with an analytical discussion about how problematic The Bachelor is. Yes, it is wrong to encourage and support a franchise that profits off of pitting women against each other in a competition for love and validation. But reminding me of that just ruined the rose ceremony and this whole bottle of chardonnay. Are you happy now?

6. Go to fun bars again

Chances are that even if your boyfriend is really cool and comfortable with his sexuality, he still won't share your appeal of going to a gay bar. He probably also prefers sports bars to clubs that require dressing-up, so you can finally ditch the former for the latter and have some real fun.

7. Leave your phone at home

Now that you aren't responsible for constantly communicating with someone, take advantage of that freedom. Disconnecting is good for you, anyway.

8. Exercise

We know everyone has been suggesting this and if you hear the word "gym" one more time you're going to snap. But seriously, if you're in a slump, remember that exercise releases endorphins. And endorphins make you happy. Also, working out and creating small improvements will make you feel strong, successful, and in charge of your life.

9. Concentrate on your friendships

With no significant other, there is a lot of room for friendship in your life. Take advantage of getting to spend time with your friends now, because once we're all married with kids, that time will become less and less.

10. Take care of yourself on the outside

In a relationship, there is a tendency to let go of yourself a little bit. You ratify your dirty t-shirt and unwashed hair with the notion that "Ryan thinks I look great!" But if you take care of yourself, more than one person will notice, and you'll objectively be killing it. When you look good, you feel good! That's why they say 'dress for success'.

Also - If you think it's silly to invest in or care about your looks, think about how much sillier it is to let someone else be in charge of your validation. Never give up on yourself just because one person makes you feel like its okay to.

11. Volunteer

A lot of these points have a lot to do with concentrating on oneself instead of a S/O. But living a happy single life doesn't mean that you have to be totally self-centred. Volunteer and devote yourself to helping many people. That's even better than devoting yourself to one other person. Feeding the homeless will make you feel better than feeding your ex-boyfriend, trust me.

12. Write in a journal

All the thoughts you would've shared with a significant other might be out of place in a conversation with anyone else. You don't have to bore your friends, and you don't have to bottle things up - you can have these conversations with yourself by creating a habit of logging your thoughts. As you continue to write things down and spend time thinking about your own opinions, they will develop and you will mature. When you look back to read your thoughts from a year ago, you will realize how much you've grown from then, and it'll feel good. Also, really getting to know yourself is an important task to conquer before you jump into another relationship.

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