Happy Friday Toronto! It's the weekend, and that means more time to spend with your squad. Sometimes it's hard to plan out trips when you have a certain number of people tagging along. There's a huge difference between 3 person activities, and 10 person adventures.

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No matter how many people are in your squad, we've got you. Read on for cool things to do with your squad of any size!

How Many People Are In Your Squad?




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Shop in and around Kensington Market. 

Kensington market can get super hectic. Do yourself a favour and go here with just a few friends. It's way easier to keep track of everyone. Plus most of the shops and restaurants are tiny af.

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Visit the underwater world at Ripley's Aquarium.

This super amazing but packed aquarium is perfect for smaller squads. You can keep track of everyone, and spend more time looking at all the fishes!

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Take a day trip to Hamilton, ON

It's easier to explore a new place with less people anyway. Round up your squad and head on over to the city of Hamilton for an adventure!

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Go Patio crawling with your best friends. 

Bar hopping and patio crawling are the best with fewer people. That way you'll have a better chance of getting a table. Try asking for a table for 10 during busy patio season. I dare you.

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Catch a movie at The Docks Drive-In.

Grab a car and 4 friends and catch a movie at the docks! Drive-ins are totally retro and super fun with friends.

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Take a spin at our Instagram Challenge.

Grab your 4 closest friends, a camera and embark on this super crazy Instagram challenge!

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Spend the afternoon day drinking with your gang. 

5 people is just the right amount for an afternoon of day drinking at one of Toronto's killer patios.

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Go hang by the pool at Sunnyside Gus Ryder Outdoor Pool.

5 friends is the perfect number people to hang at the pool with because you can take shifts between friends. 2 people to watch your stuff, 3 people in the water and switch!

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Spend the day at Canada's Wonderland.

10 people can be hard to please. Wonderland is the perfect squad destination cause there's literally something for everyone.

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Get tipsy and play rounds of Never Have I Ever. 

Have you ever really wanted to know what's up with your squad? This is the perfect game to find out what they're really up to.

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Have a squad reunion dinner. 

10 of your besties all together calls for a pretty amazing reunion dinner! Check out one of the amazing restaurants listed and make a reservation today!

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Have an ultimate squad beach day at Woodbine Beach.

Grab 10 friends and plan a huge beach day where you can chill out, swim, play games or have a picnic! There's still time to have an AMAZING summer.