Getting lost in a book is something to be cherished. There is something to be savoured about reading from paper bound together and flipping through crisp pages. Being immersed in a story created by words that take our imagination to the limits of our minds.

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Over time, some people have forgotten how good it feels to take your mind on a trip through storytelling. In the age of social media, it's easy to get locked into the deepest corners of the internet when our laptops are at our fingertips. So why not pick up a good book and get lost in that for a change?

Whether you're a regular librarian or just looking to dive back into a real page-turner, look no further! We have a spectacular group of authors from our own home and native land. Here are 13 Canadian authors who write books that are actually worth reading.

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Yann Martel // Life of Pi 

Everyone can remember when Life of Pi was brought to life on the big screen, but did you know that Canadian citizen Yann Martel was the author? Born to Quebecois parent's, Martel turned to writing in college and has worked a number of odd jobs across Canada. Of course, we recommend Life of Pi as an amazing book but check out any of Martel's published work for a good read.

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Margaret Atwood // The Handmaid's Tale

When it comes to Canadian literature it's no surprise that Margaret Atwood takes the cake. If you're really looking for a good read, we suggest the classic novel The Handmaid's Tale. BONUS: They're making this book into a movie soon, so read it before it's on the big screen!

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Kevin Donovan // Secret Life

Although Kevin Donovan is more commonly known as a Toronto Star journalist and editor, his non-fiction novel Secret Life is unreal. Giving you his side of the Jian Ghomeshi story, it's a thrilling read from start to finish. He has a second book, ORNGE, that is another tell all of a Star investigation that is also definitely worth your time!

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Naomi Klein // This Changes Everything 

This Changes Everything is a must read about climate change and capitalism. Naomi Klein makes this very important topic exceptionally engaging and pays attention to the importance of creating a sustainable future.

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Emma Donoghue // Room

Though Emma Donoghue is originally from Ireland, the author of Room now resides in Ontario. Not only is the book a great read, it was later made into a film that was nominated four times at the Academy Awards.

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Bryan Lee O'Malley // Scott Pilgrim series

The best thing to come from Canada may just be the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels. Canadian author and artist Bryan Lee O'Malley is the genius behind Scott and his slacker adventures around Toronto.

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Robyn Doolittle // Crazy Town: A Rob Ford Story

A journalist at the Globe and Mail, Robyn Doolittle wrote about the Rob Ford scandal that she helped unearth. Crazy Town is a tell all about what it took to break the crack scandal Toronto's late mayor tried so desperately to hide. Considering that the Ford era gained international attention it's an important read!

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Lawrence Hill // The Book Of Negroes

The Book Of Negroes tells an interesting story about a woman named Aminata Diallo. The title is based around a Canadian document by the same name from the end of the revolutionary war in the USA. Lawrence Hill's book has also been made into a series by the CBC.

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Scaachi Koul // One Day We'll All Be Dead And None Of This Will Matter 

This collection of essays from Buzzfeed's Scaachi Koul is not only newly released but also an absolute must read. Koul recounts her life growing up in Western Canada as part of a minority and the experiences that come with it. This book will make you laugh while also making you think.

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Chris Hadfield // An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth

All Canadians love Chris Hadfield not only because he's one of us but also because he is one of the most interesting people on this planet. Having spent over three thousand hours in space this astronaut tells us some stories of his experiences and also what to do while your feet are still on the ground.

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Rupi Kaur // Milk and Honey 

Rupi Kaur's Milk and Honey a New York Times bestseller and also poetry for the soul. Each chapter deals with a different kind of pain, leaving the audience emotionally invested in this read. Everyone can really resonate with Rupi Kaur's writing.

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Leonard Cohen // The Book Of Longing

We all know Leonard Cohen as an extremely talented artist but his written works were beautiful also. The Book of Longing is a collection of poetry that is filled with dark humour and life.

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Alice Munro // Dear Life: Stories 

Alice Munro is a Noble prize winner and one of Canada's most famous authors, so naturally, we had to include Dear Life. This collection of short stories is based on small-town life and can deeply resonate with any reader.

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Of course there are more than just 13 great Canadian books. Comment below and tell us your favourites that weren't on this list!