13 Beautiful Places In Canada That Are Perfect For Saying “I Love You” To That Special Someone

The most romantic spots in the north.
13 Beautiful Places In Canada That Are Perfect For Saying “I Love You” To That Special Someone

"I love you." No three words have ever been more intimidating to say to another person. They represent so much in a relationship - harmony, perseverance, triumph over hardships - surely anyone would want the very first time they declare their love for someone to be absolutely perfect.

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Choosing the right place to say it is crucial. The right surroundings and atmosphere could make the entire moment all the more magical. Here are 13 beautiful places in Canada that are perfect for saying "I love you" to that special someone:

Sea-To-Sky Highway

British Columbia

The Sea-to-Sky Highway offers breathtaking views of the Canadian west coast, from soaring mountains to ocean vistas.

Glacier Skywalk


The Glacier Skywalk gives you a bird's eye view of the stunning ice-capped mountains and glacier-covered valleys in Jasper National Park.

Castle Butte


Castle Butte is a towering rock formation that offers a gorgeous vantage point within the endless fields of the Canadian prairies.

Steep Rock


Steep Rock is a secluded location by the edge of Lake Manitoba that features, gorgeous limestone cliffes, beaches and scenic trails.

Little Cove


Little Cove is blessed with the crystal clear waters of Lake Huron, white sandy beaches and lush forests that cover beautiful limestone cliffs.

Gaspé Peninsula


The Gaspé Peninsula consists of sharp cliffs and rolling hills that offer a breathtaking view of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Hopewell Rocks

New Brunswick

Hopewell Rocks are a cluster of stone formations in the Bay of Fundy that make for a romantic stroll by the shore.

Cabot Trail

Nova Scotia

Cabot Trail is one of the most beautiful spots in Atlantic Canada, with unmatched views of the ocean and the gentle Nova Scotian landscape.

North Cape

Prince Edward Island

North Cape is the most northwesterly point of land in PEI, characterized by soft grasses and beautiful red sands.

Gros Morne

Newfoundland and Labrador

Gros Morne's Westpoint Brook Trail leads to a stunning lookout of the park's awe-inspiring cliffs, valleys and rivers.

Midnight Dome


Midnight Dome is a vantage point just outside of Dawson which overlooks the city and gives a captivating view.

Virginia Falls

Northwest Territories

Virginia Falls is one of the largest in Canada, lending the soothing sounds of falling water and a glorious view of Nahanni landscape.

Cape Dorset


Cape Dorset is a small community that offers the beauty of simplicity in Canada's northern regions.