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13 Best Burritos You Must Eat In Toronto

Go have a baeritto.
13 Best Burritos You Must Eat In Toronto

Burritos are a serious addiction and there are many spots in Toronto which can satisfy the crave. Eat a burrito when you're starving sober or mow down a burrito when you're hardly standing. Let's admit it burrito's are the best drunk food ever. It absorbs all the alcohol in your stomach and makes everything feel right.

Whether you're a casual mexican lover or a dedicated burrito consumer, you will appreciate this list we have gathered. Take a look at the top burrito joints in Toronto:

1. Fat Bastard Burrito // several Toronto locations.

Must try: baja chipotle chicken

2) Burrito Boyz // several Toronto locations.

Must try: steak & shrimp Burrito

3. Gourmet Gringos // several Toronto locations.

Must try: burrito beef short rib

Photo cred – Burrito Bandidos

4. Burrito Bandidos // several Toronto locations.

Must try: mango chicken

5. Z-Teca // several Toronto locations.

Must try: grilled chicken burrito

6. Wilbur Mexicana // 552 King St.W

Must try: The S&T

7. El Catrin // 18 Tank House Ln.

Must try: mini vegetariano burrito

8. Chino Locos // 368 Broadview Ave.

Must try: da finest burrito (sauteed white baja fish)

Photo cred - @ashleycouto85

9. Burro Burrito // 655 College St.

Must try: chorizo burrito

10. Asada Mexican Grill // 809 St. Clair Ave.W

Must try: cochinita pibil (marinated pork)

11. Bolet's Burrito // 134 Lower Sherbourne St

Must try: thai chicken

12. Milagro Cantina // 5 Mercer St.

Must try: adobado (seared ribeye+bacon)

13. Big Fat Burrito // 285 Augusta Ave.

Must try: yam burrito

Which is your favorite burrito joint?

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