Pizza is just one of those foods that can always put a smile on your face.

Delicious tomato sauce, loads of cheese, and tons of amazing toppings are just one of the few things that makes pizza so lovable. However, what would put pizza on a whole other level would be if it could transport you to Italy as you were eating it. I know it's wishful thinking (and probably impossible) but eating an authentic, Italian pizza slice can sometimes make you feel as if you're eating it from the amazing country itself.

Here are some delicious places in our beloved city of Toronto that will give you that authentic slice you’ve been dying to try!

1.Rocco's Plum Tomato // 164 The Queensway

This popular Italian restaurant has been around since the 90's and serving their dishes with all the freshest, local ingredients they can get! Regardless of what location you go to, you can always expect a fun atmosphere and some amazing pizza!

Other location:

  • 1068 Islington Av.

2.SanRemo Bakery // 374 Royal York Rd.

This family owned bakery just screams Italy. SanRemo embodies all the Italian traditions with their enviornment and in their food. If their amazing pizza wasn't enough, be sure to get your hands on their delicious sandwiches and desserts!

3.Milano's Pizza // 3886 Bloor St. West

Homemade pizza at it's finest! Their thin crispy dough, tasty cheese, and array of toppings will for sure get you coming back for more.

4.Il Paesano Pizzeria and Restaurant // 396 Brown's Line

This pizzeria has been around for 57 years, and you definitely taste the quality and cooking traditions in their food. Their family-style, homey atmosphere adds to the experience and will put a smile on your face every time you go.

5.Frank's Pizza House / 1352 Saint Clair Av. West

Another family-run pizzeria to add to the list of go-to places! All their authentic meals are made with the finest ingredients and will make you feel as if you're eating this pizza right in the comfort of your own home.

Photo cred - @pizzalibretto

6.Pizzeria Libretto // 221 Ossington Av.

Their multiple locations speak for itself. This beloved pizzeria has a VPN Certification, which basically means it's some amazing Grade A pizza designated by the Italian government and Europen Union. What more could you want?

Other locations:

  • 550 Danforth Av.
  • 155 University Av.
  • 545 King St. West

Photo cred - @altofit

7.Jz's Pizza // 232 Wellington St. West

This beautiful restaurant speaks volumes in it's food. Their tasty pizza is something you cannot say no to, and their other classic dishes are a must have!

8.Marcello's Pizzeria // 1163 St Clair Av. West

Head here for some mind-blowing pizza! Try some amazing pizza with medallions in a sun-dried tomato cream sauce and pair it with a tiramisu dessert (a match made in heaven).

9.Queen Margarita Pizza // 1402 Queen St. East, #8

A passion for pizza lead this place to what it is today! Whether you're trying a classic margarita or Sicilian sausage, the pizza will never dissapoint.

Other Locations:

785 Annette St.

772 Dundas St. West

Photo cred - @crosbystillsnashandfaith

10.Viva Napoli Pizzeria // 679 Mount Pleasant Rd.

This place is bringing you the best Neapolitan pizza outside of Naples, Italy. If their highly acclaimed pizza's weren't enough, finish off your pizza meal with some more pizza - but with a nutella twist!

11.Lo Zingaro Ristorante Pizzeria // 571 Queen St. West

Not only will you be captivated by their pizza, their atmosphere and decorations definitely will. Pork sausage, mozzarella cheese paired with other creamy cheeses is just some of the many toppings you can try at Lo Zingaro!

12.Fresca Pizza & Pasta // 302 College St.

Get an unforgettable slice in the 6ix. At a amazing price, this pizza place with for sure keep your pizza cravings strong - and paired with their garlic oil? How could you say no?

13.Pizza e Pazzi // 1182 Saint Clair Av. West

The answer to all your pizza prayers! Their Authentic Italian pizza, combined with a homey enviornment is something that will keep you coming back and wanting to try more.

Other location:

  • 672 Saint Clair Av. West

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