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13 Best Toronto Places To Smoke Weed At When It Becomes Legal

Happy 420 Toronto! Marijuana could be legalized as early as next year in Canada. That means every stoner could soon have the freedom to roam and smoke wherever they've always wanted to in Toronto.

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Have you ever dreamt of smoking at City Hall or the CN Tower? Well imagine if you could. Here are 13 best places in the city to smoke weed at when it becomes legal.

1. Trinity Bellwoods Park

The most chill environment ever with a reputation for public intercourse.

2. City Hall Stairs

Something to do with being so close to the law makers who made it happen.

3. Podium Green Roof

Feel like a badass smoking beside City Hall while embracing the cute green garden.

4. Osgoode Hall

Smoke at the landmark of "legal activity" for over 160 years.

5. Glass Floor @ CN Tower

Sketch yourself out or have the time of your life on top of the city. 

6. Toronto Zoo

Animals are so fascinating to watch and some wacky tobacco will help your imagination run wild.

7. Before going to the Power Plant

All of the lights and amazing art for you to ponder. 

8. Before going to 401 Richmond

Explore this insane cultural hub in the heart of Toronto. Basically heaven for any artists.

9. High Park

ESPECIALLY when it's cherry blossom season. This park that spans across 161 hectares could definitely use some kush.

10. Cherry Beach

Chill vibes by the beach to make you even more relaxed. 

11Before riding the GO Train

Because whyyyy not? So much to stare at (who doesn't love people watching?)

12. Before going The AGO

Gaze at 80,000 works of art and take your mind somewhere else. 

13. Before going to Ripley's Aquarium


420 may be different next year. Comment where you would want to smoke weed!

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