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13 Bucket List Things To Do For An Incredible Trip To Nicaragua

Looking to take an adventure to somewhere exciting and different? You should definitely plan a trip to beautiful Nicaragua. Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America, and is home to some beautiful volcanoes, lakes and beaches.

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We've got a bucket list for you of some of the most incredible sights to see in Nicaragua! Whether you want to lay on the beach and chill, or explore some of the crazy outdoor forests and wild life, there's something for everyone! 

Check out this list of things you HAVE to do while in Nicaragua: 

1. Go sandboarding just north-east of León at the Cerro Negro Volcano.

Sandboarding will definitely give you a crazy adrenaline rush! And it's super fun to just explore the volcanoes of Nicaragua. 

2. Go snorkling at the Corn Islands.

The Corn Islands are home to many activities. The clear turquoise waters are absolutely beautiful and if scuba diving isn't your thing, you can just chill on the sandy beaches. 

3. Go for a hike through El Jaguar

El Jaguar has a cooler climate perfect for a long hike through the beautiful forest!

4. Take a boat trip through The Granada Islets!

Absorb all the lush nature by boat on a tour through the Granada Islets! The lake is home to a variety of fish species and home to many birds and other wildlife.

5. Enjoy a canopy tour Da Flying Frog.

You'll literally feel like a flying frog during this canopy tour that takes you over a 70 metre deep canyon, at a speed of 70km/h! This will for sure give you an adrenaline rush.

6. Learn about Nicaraguan culture at the El Calvario Church.

This church located in León has beautiful architecture and bright colours. An incredible spot to visit after a long day of exploring!

7. Dine out at Ciudad Lounge Restaurant & Cigar lounge in Granada Nicaragua.

This Nicaraguan restaurant has some of the most amazing food in Granada. Indulge in their signiture cacao liquor orange martini, and munch on crawfish etouffe and steak! 

8. Learn to surf at Giant's Foot Surf Tours.

Learn to surf on the beautiful Nicaraguan waters and become a pro with lessons and packages that you and your friends or family will all want to take a part in. 

9. Take a relaxation day at Playa Marsella.

Enjoy the beautiful beach and waters by taking a day on the beach to rest up and chill. 

10. Indulge on Nicaraguan chocolate at ChocoMuseo.

Experience the delicious Nicaraguan chocolate. They make the chocolate in house, so you know it's authentic and real!

11. Spend the afternoon exploring Central Parque.

One of Granada's most famous parks! Spend the afternoon shopping from the local vendors, or sitting under a tree and people watching. 

12. Take a beach day at San Juan del Sur.

This amazing fishing village is home to many Pacific beaches. Grab a towl, some sunscreen and have a fun day in the sun!

13. Dine outdoors at The Garden Cafe.

This outdoor restaurant is perfect for a warm sunny day. Home to the BEST fruit smoothies in Granada!

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