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13 Bucket List Things You Need To Do For An Epic Trip In Greece

This extraordinary country is a destination everyone should visit a few times in their lifetime. Greece is located in southeastern Europe and has plenty of breathtaking islands to see throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas. Full of ancient history, its capital Athens has landmarks dating back to 5th-century B.C. The beaches in Greece are out of this world and don't even look real. From historical monuments to insane parties in Mykonos, there's something for every traveller here.

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With so much to see, your list of things to do in Greece could go on forever. We've put together some bucket list activities to plan on your next trip to this phenomenal country!

1. Visit the Panathenaic Stadium.

This multipurpose stadium, also known as Kallimarmaro, is located in Athens. It's one of the only stadiums in the whole world built entirely of marble. If you're into sports tourism, you won't want to miss this attraction.

2. Have a traditional coffee in a cafe at Karitsi Square.

This square is packed with young people enjoying lattes and refreshers. Until 1840, this destination was a cemetery. Now known for it's noisy bars and taverns, it's a happening place in Greece to see.

3. Hike Samaria Gorge, the longest gorge in Europe.

Be adventurous on the island of Crete

4. Learn ancient history at the Parthenon.

This former temple on the Athenian Acropolis was dedicated to the goddess Athena whom people of Athens consider to be their patron. These 5th century ruins are truly iconic.

 5. Go wild at Tropicana Beach Bar on Paradise Beach!

If you are in the mood for next level partying, head to Tropicana Beach Bar. The partying starts well before the sun sets and doesn't stop. This place is definitely the ultimate beach party in Mykonos.

6. Relax on Zakynthos island.

The colour of this water is spectacular!  The snorkelling class offered on this island is world class. Relaxing and beautiful. Everything you need to calm down after partying in Mykonos.

7. Climb some mountains in Potamia.

This small traditional town is built on beautiful wooded slopes of the highest mountain of Thassos. Explore nature in this quaint town.

8. Watch the sun set at Exanthia H Raxi.

There are no words to describe this view. It's simply breathtaking.

9. Enjoy another lazy beach day, this time at Porto Katsiki beach.

Once upon a time, only goats could reach this area. This beach is famous for its landscape and its clear blue sea will have you mesmerized. Located at the bottom of a concave pale cliff, it's definitely a must-see.

10. Go for a boat ride at Pythagorean Port on Samos Island.

Known for it's lovely waterfront, Samos is one of the greenest islands in the Aegean Sea. It has wonderful beaches with clean water and picturesque villages surrounding the sea.

11. Enjoy a meal overlooking an infinity pool.

Specifically in Santorini. There are plenty of infinity pools to choose from in Greece, with jaw dropping views that will make you want to "brunch" for hours on end.

12. Take in all of the different colours on Kefalonia island.

Greece is SUCH a colourful country. Explore this island to see all the vibrant colours it has to offer! From blooming flowers to bright houses, the contrast of hues are stunning.

13. Indulge in the Mediterranean cuisine.

Eat as many gyros as possible, like these ^ from Pitogyros, a perfect stop for a quick and cheap lunch. Also order saganaki like it's your day job. The Greek cuisine is light, simplistic and delicious. Explore the different flavours this country has to offer while you're visiting!

These are only some bucket-list things to do while you're in Greece. The options are endless. Comment which place you want to see first. OPA!

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