Being in the heart of downtown Toronto means that there are so many amazing places around you that offer amazing things. One of these being food. Going out for a great bite to eat with friends after a long day of school and work is sometimes, if not always, the highlight of your day.

However, as much as you may love it, your bank account does not. Although the restaurants around us are amazing, they can be a tad pricey and more often than not, you're looking to save as much money as you can.

If you're ever looking for a quick, filling, and cheap bite to eat right around campus, this list will definitely help you out. There's so much variety you can choose from without having to spend a pretty penny!

1.Ram in the Rye // 63 Gould St.

Who doesn't love our school's pub? It's a great place to chill, hang out with friends and grab some awesome food! Get items such as their buffalo chicken wrap for $8, or try their black bean burrito for $9. Don't forget about their delicious poutine for only $7.50!

2.Salad King // 340 Yonge Street

Enjoy delicious Thai mains dishes for under $10 or try a soup for under $4!

 3.Sushi House // 209 Dundas St. West

Amazing All You Can Eat sushi for $12 at lunch, or get 16 rolls to-go for only $5!

4.The Big Slice // 385 Yonge St.

Pizza slices bigger than your head for under $5! Plus if you show your student card you can get a drink for free!

Photo cred - @scottvivian

5.Kenzo Ramen // 138 Dundas St. West

Enjoy a hot, filling meal for less than $10. Pick from many types of delicious ramen, as well as rice dishes, that'll definitely satisfy you and your wallet.

6.Patties Express // 4 Elm St. at Yonge

Enjoy these authentic, amazing Jamaican pastries at a cheap price. Whether you want, beef, chicken, or vegetarian, two of these patties plus a drink for $5!

7.Ginger Restaurant // 212 Queen St. West

Rice and noodle dishes topped with amazing, yummy veggies and choice of meat, fish, or tofu for under $10. You could also try their Pho the ranges from $6.50-7.50!

Here are some other great, cheap eats by RU that you'll want to try:

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