A Toronto shopaholic is always struggling. Shopping in Toronto is a dilemma. Reason being, there are so many places to choose from. Where to go? What to buy? How can I shop reasonably?

The confessions of a Toronto shopaholic will acknowledge the problems shoppers have in Toronto. Here is a list of difficulties we all go through:

1. I have nothing to wear.

I wore this dress to EFS last weekend and this romper to Harbour 60 for Steph's birthday. That blouse has to be dry cleaned and these pants need to be hemmed. What do I do?! I'm over it. Vino from the LCBO it is.

2. I can't find anything!

I've been walking around the Eaton Centre for hours. This mall drives me crazy. Not is it only a hassle to get here, but there are so many stores to choose from. I want everything. Even the H&M is pretty good...

3. I was just going to pick up one thing...

Yorkdale is a great choice for shopping. I usually spend half a day there. The Zara basic collection saves my life. I got so many compliments on my blazer the following day. That was all I bought... I swear.

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4. Everything was on sale... I couldn't say no.

It's always fun to shop at Vaughan Mills. There are so many outlets. Every time I'm at that mall I score discounts. There are 260 stores! So many to choose from. For example, at Bath & BodyWorks, there is a buy 3 and get 3 free deal... Hell yes I need 6 large-ass candles!

5.And since they were on sale, I actually saved money by buying them...

Vaughan Mills has a mix of both high end and low-end stores. I don't mind missioning across the GTA . Half of my shoe closet is from H2 Holt Renfrew. Where have you ever been able to find a pair of Christian Louboutin for 400$?

6. I was having a bad day.

Shopping always brightens my day, especially going to Shops at Don Mills during the summer. Who doesn't love outdoor malls? The Calvin Klein store is my favorite, there are so many available styles. Afterwards I'll go to Joey's and have a glass of white wine with the Sashimi Tuna salad.

7. I needed to spend money.

Walking into Aritzia at Square One is dangerous. The store has two entrances, there's no way you can miss it. The girls working there are so goooooood at their job. "I haven't seen that dress look good on anyone else. You have to get it."

8. Now I can't shop for another 2 weeks.

The 300 vodka soda's I sold at The Addison's this past weekend payed off. But then I made my way to Sherway Gardens… Where did all the cash go? Oh ya... I emptied my pockets at the new Sporting Life.

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9. I had to kill time.

It's doesn't hurt to window shop right? I'll stroll down Bloor Street and stare at the manequins. It's ok. One day…One day that $5,000 Chanel purse will be in my closet.

10. I'm not at the mall.

I'm eating at the new food court at Sherway. That's not considered shopping, right?

11. No, this isn't new! I've had it forever!

I got this skirt at TNT years ago… What are you talking about? Don't believe me? Go look for yourself, they don't have it.

12. This doesn't fit how it use to.

I'm heading over to Topshop @ the Bay on Queen for the 100000 time.

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13. I can't throw it out.

This is vintage ok? I got it at Last Call years ago! I'll keep it because fashion trends never die, they always come back.

Excuse me for the rant but now I feel so much better. I accept the blame. Hang in there shopaholics.