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13 Canadian Towns You Must Visit In Every Province And Territory

The ultimate Canadian bucket list.

Generally speaking, a small town can be classified as "cute" if it meets three simple criteria: 1) it is well-integrated with nature, 2) it consists of beautiful buildings, houses and quaint shops,  and 3) it oozes of old world charm.

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Canada is brimming with cute towns that often don't get enough recognition. Here are 13 of them that you should visit at least once in your life:

1. Nelson

British Columbia

Nelson is a quiet community that sits in the valleys of southeastern British Columbia's Selkirk Mountains. 350 heritage buildings, breathtaking sights and a vibrant arts scene makes it a place that's seemingly out of a fairytale.

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2. Waterton


Waterton is a town nestled within the otherwordly Rockies of Alberta. Apart from the town's beautiful buildings, cute boutiques and cozy spots, there are also plenty of opportunities to be one with nature in the nearby Waterton National Park.

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3. Gravelbourg


Gravelbourg is a "touch of Europe" on the Prairies. Its multicultural community makes it a town brimming with unique heritage and tradition. Vintage buildings combined with modern services offers guests the best of both worlds.

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4. Flin Flon


Flin Flon is a northern urban community located on the 55th parallel, making it a part of the Precambrian Amisk Volcanic Belt. This means it also consists of beautiful landforms, with unique crests and vast mineral deposits throughout the town.

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5. Perth


Perth is one of Ontario's prettiest towns. Quaint streets lined with vintage spots, amazing restaurants and beautiful heritage buildings will make you feel like you've gone back to a simpler time.

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6. Port-au Persil


Port-au Persil is a lovely town found within the Charlevoix region of Quebec, which is a classified UNESCO World Biosphere reserve. It is cradled between glorious green-topped hills that offer perfect views of the breathtaking St. Lawrence River.

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7. St. Andrews

New Brunswick

St. Andrews is a fishing community, so you're bound to encounter some of the best seafood you've ever have here. Simple architecture, unmatched scenery and an overall slower pace of life gives this town a true resort feel.

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8. Lunenburg


Lunenburg is known for its iconic multi-coloured houses that face the open water. Also a UNESCO World Heritage site, it offers a taste of life by the ocean that can only be experienced at a classic fishing town.

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9. Summerside

Prince Edward Island

Summerside is a town centred on a longstanding tradition of shipbuilding. A peaceful waterfront and plethora of cute local businesses make it the perfect destination for escaping the city.

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10. Trinity

Newfoundland and Labrador

Trinity looks like some place out of a storybook. The community, with its brightly coloured houses and charming businesses, sits in a section of land that is surrounded by beautiful waters and breathtaking scenery.

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11. Dawson City


Dawson City is a town oozing with Canadian heritage. Its picturesque setting, thriving art scene, colourful community are worth any adventurer's visit.

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12. Rankin Inlet


Rankin Inlet is one of Nunavut's few populated towns. But that doesn't make it any less special than the other towns on this list - it has an interesting history of scientific exploration, a vibrant Inuit art scene, and a deep love for hockey.

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13. Tuktoyaktuk

Northwest Territories

Tuktoyaktuk is a small community that is only accessible by plane or ice road, however, the trip would definitely be worth it. From unique Arctic phenomena like the Northern Lights and pingos to fun community events like dogsledding and ice-fishing, there's so much to do in Tuktoyaktuk!

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