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13 Hidden Toronto Cafes You And Your BFF Need To Discover

Coffee isn't just a drink .. IT'S A WAY OF LIFE! Regardless if you need your fix once a day or .. maybe ten, there's no shame in the game and no one is judging you, honey, this is a safe place for all coffee lovers! 

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Coffee can transport you to different places, but interesting cafes out of the norm can give you a whole new experience! Grabbing a coffee from your local Tims or Starbs will only provide you with half the excitment. These hidden gems in Toronto ensure that your visit is above average! Need a place for a secret rendezvous with your besties? 

Baddies // 679 Lansdowne Ave, Toronto

The cutest little all white aesthetic cafe. They have AVOCADO TOAST .. if that's even still a thing. Featuring a small menu of coffee and food items, but they are serving only the best of the best menu options. Don't be off-put by the blank plain white exterior, the inside is bustling with excitment.

Boxcar Social // Multiple Locations

Not exactly hidden but definitely lowkey. With homemade pop tarts and soup and sandwiches for only $10, Boxcar is the perfect little cafe with affordable af prices. Oh yeah, and they serve booze as well, BONUS!! 

Dineen Coffee Co. //  140 Yonge St, Toronto

A boutique coffee house, located in downtown Toronto. Dineen Coffee Co. ensures they make drinks for everyone and for every season. Housed on the ground floor of the famous Dineen Building. All the food items at this cafe are made fresh daily! 

FIKA Cafe // 28 Kensington Ave, Toronto

Fika means "coffee break" in swedish, which is the perfect name for this little cafe in Kensington Market. They offer specials that you can't find anywhere else such as cardamom spiced latte or lavender white hot chocolate. Fika Cafe looks like a little blue home with Scandinavian decor.

Cafe Pamenar // 307 Augusta Ave, Toronto

A trendy coffee shop that offers small snacks as well making it a buzzing hotspot. With a slightly darker exterior, Cafe Pamenar is sometimes hard to locate. They have a backyard patio that is perfect for any summer hangouts!

Forget Me Not Cafe // 506 Adelaide St W, Toronto

Designed to look like you're sitting in your mom's kitchen, the Forget Me Not Cafe is the perfect destination for homebodies. This adorable cafe is not only here to serve coffee, they sell soaps, candles, and lotions too! 

White Squirrel Coffee Shop // 907 Queen St W, Toronto

ORGANIC COFFEE AND HOMEMADE SWEETS! Yeah .. I know we are just as excited. They recently just set up shop at a new location inside Freshii on Yonge St, but the Queen St location is their main one. Selling items such as ice cream and coffee, White Squirrel Coffee Shop also provides free wifi for their costumers. 

Little Nicky's Coffee // 375 Queen St W, Toronto

Homemade donuts and coffee that outsiders from Canada just simply adore. There is no way you can come to Little Nicky's Coffee and pass up the donuts, they're known as the best in Toronto. This retro cafe is perfect to grab a quick bite with friends! 

Ezra's Pound // 238 Dupont St, Toronto

Located at the foot of Casa Loma and steps from Dupont subway station. Ezra's Pound is passionate about the environment and coffee culture! With a checkered floor and classic antiques all over the cafe, Ezra's Pound gives perfect old school vibes. 

The Common // Multiple Locations

Home of the $2 Americano! The Common has grown it's fame off of being a no menu cafe and now they have a few locations across Toronto. Super lowkey, if you decide to go with your bestie, just remember this is a CASH ONLY cafe.

Saving Gigi // 859 Bloor St W, Toronto

Great music and even better food! What's better than a cup of joe with a live show? Saving Gigi gives off super old school vibes and is a perfect little getaway to meet up with friends! 

Moonbean // 30 St Andrew St, Toronto

MORE THAN JUST COFFEE! Moonbean offers over 30 different loose leaf teas, juices, smoothies and iced drinks as well. They have a secret back patio on site, don't forget to ask about that when arriving!

Darkhorse Espresso Bar // Multiple Locations

I know, I know, I know, you can't go anywhere without connecting to free wifi. Darkhorse Espresso Bar offers wifi for all their costumers! They strive to provide the most delicious, balanced espresso that Toronto has to offer. Along with big communal tables, it makes it easy to interact with other people.

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