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13 Insanely Cool Restaurants You Must Visit From Around The World

Who says dinner dates have to be boring? Take a look at some of the coolest, wildest & even weirdest restaurants from around the world to go to when travelling or to dream of while at your desk.

1. The Airplane Restaurant // Chicago, Illinois, USA

You've heard of high class, high dining, and the mile-high club - but have you heard of The Airplane Restaurant in Chicago? Staged inside of a 1953 US tanker plane, The Airplane Restaurant serves quality diner food like corned beef sandwiches from the comfort of cabin-style seats.

2. Hueso // Guadalajara, Mexico

You don't have to go to the ROM for the night at the museum. Hueso literally translates to bones - which makes perfect sense, seeing as the restaurant housing over 10,000 animal bones, skulls and sketches.

Photo cred - @luxelifeadventures

3. 'S Baggers // Nuremburg, Germany

Life's one big ride and dinner is no different. At 'S Baggers, there are no waiters. Only touch screen menus and plate-sized roller coasters above your heads. Once your food is ready, the meal will slide down on a series of tracks until plopping onto your place setting. Dope - but who do you tip..?

Photo ced - @xiaoyu8tv

4. Alcatraz ER // Tokyo, Japan

Forget Orange is the New Black - steel is the new silverware at Alcatraz ER. Diners are handcuffed, walked to their cells and served 25-to however long they'd like to stay.

5. Le refuge des fondus // Paris, France

Oh baby, nothing like guzzling back a bottle or two after a long day. Rumour has it that le refuge des fondue originally started serving wine in baby bottles to avoid the tax of serving wine in a glass. Looks like they banked a lot more than that extra cash - this insta appeal is incredible.

6. Dinner in the Sky // Worldwide

This literally takes high-dining to a whole new level. For the bargain basement price of $40k (lol) - you and 21 of your friends can eat a 5-star meal and sip Dom Perígnon from the top of any city in the world! Add this to your if-I-won-the-loterry list.

7. Ithaa Underwater Restaurant // Maldives

Maybe it's photoshop or maybe it's Ithaa Underwater Restaurant. Fulfilling all of your under the sea dreams, diners at Ithaa sit 3-6 feet under the water to eat, drink and watch finned friends swim by.

Photo cred - @daria_rivera

8. Hajime RoBot Restaurant // Bangkok, Thailand

Scary or a sci-fi dream? Hajime employs only dancing robots to do the cooking, serving and waiting of customers. Let's hope people like it as investors have poured a cool million dollars into making the staff!

9. The Bubble Room // Captiva Island, Florida

Your childhood toyroom gone crazy - The Bubble Room is packed with vintage prints, toys and decor from the 1930's to 40's. Filled with vintage music, insane colours and toy trains that never stop moving - the Bubble Room is most-definitely a trip and a trip with taking to get to,

10. Modern Toilet Restaurant // Taipei City, People's Republic of China

If you can stomach it, Modern Toilet is a wacky spot in Taipei where not only the seats are toilets, but the bowls are, too. They also serve chocolate soft serve............

11. O.NOIR // Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The blind really do lead the blind at O.NOIR. Originally from Montreal in 2006, O.NOIR came to Toronto in 2009 - submersing their diners in darkness. The dark is supposed to amplify one's sense of taste, and make their meal better. Not a bad idea for a hardcore foodie, or a blind date!

12. NINJA NEW YORK // New York City, New York, USA

No surprise that this food looks lethal when it was served by ninjas! The entire wait staff at NINJA NY is ready to tumble into a summersault or martial arts move while you're dining. The restaurant itself is designed to look like an old Japanese village - dark with lots of winding paths and hidden passageways.

Photo cred - @drewdavis6

13. Berggasthaus Aescher // Switzerland

No where to go but up, Berggasthaus Aescher is a restaurant/hotel on the tippy top of a Swiss mountain - only reachable by cable car. Dinner's bound to be a quiet one, no city sounds for miles away!

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