If a picture's worth a thousand words, we sure had a lot to say about Toronto this summer on Instagram. From Cabana Pool Bar to the Scarborough Bluffs to every ice cream sandwich shop in the city, Toronto's amateur photographers of Instagram summed up every sunny (and not so sunny) moment of #SummerInThe6ix.

1. The Pan Am ‘TORONTO’ sign at Nathan Phillips Square

Did Toronto really care about the Pan Am games or did we just like the sign?

2. Your cup of mac and cheese at the Mac and Cheese Festival

Which was dubbed a "hot mess" because we all loved it so much. If you braved the lines and actually got food, it was definitely Insta-worthy.

Photo cred Corey Misquita

3. Jays game selfie (pre or post bandwagon)

Whether you care about the fact that we maybe have a chance at making the playoffs this year or are just here to look cute in your Jays hat, Jays game selfies = summer.

4. Ice. Cream. Sandwiches.

This summer, Toronto was all about that ice cream sammie. Instagramming burns calories, right?

5. The crowds full of rainbows at Pride

And if you weren't Instagramming the parade, it was the after parties.

6. Drinking out of a bucket at The Porch

Admit it, you're guilty of posting a pic of you drinking a certain colourful drink on a certain rooftop patio... (Bonus points if the CN Tower is in the background).

7. Hiking at the Scarborough Bluffs

A short drive to Bluffers Park got us this great view...and great Insta. #outdoorsy

Photo cred Alex Meoko

8. Posing for the Insta at Caribana

To which your followers responded, 'how are you wearing that and can we have your body?'

9. Leaning over the railing at Cabana with the Toronto skyline in the background

If you didn't spend at least one Sunday flexing (or sucking in) at Cabana, did you even summer?

10. Pouting in your rain poncho after getting rained out at Digital Dreams or Veld

Toronto weather had no chill when it came to festivals this summer.

11. Drinking a pint at Toronto Festival of Beer

And it was probably in front of the TFOB sign.

12. Whatever weird but probably delicious food you tried at the Ex this year

Which has left your followers drooling.

Photo cred Shaun2053

13. A boat cruise on Lake Ontario

Basically, the only way you can get Torontonians near the lake is if we're drunk and on a boat.