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13 Myths About Toronto Women

A myth is not a real thing.

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Let's set the record straight. Let us dispel all these myths circulating about Toronto women. Are Toronto women really better in bed? Or was that just a myth? Do Toronto women really prefer ketchup to mayonnaise or was that just another myth to?

I don't know about you but I'm confused and would certainly like some clarification on all matters myths.

Who are these mystical creates that walk the Toronto streets? Are they heart breakers? Bitches? Just a bunch of vegans?

Let's get to the bottom of this once and for all.

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Toronto girls are boring

Okay so maybe Toronto isn't Paris and maybe Toronto girls don't hang out under the eiffel tower all day and eat fresh parisian baguettes, maybe Toronto girls are a bit more basic but just a bit. Even though Toronto ladies might not be engaging in scandalous art movements taking place on the street they still know how to have more fun than any Winnipegger that I've ever met. Toronto girls get their crazy on at night, the city streets become their playground, every neighbourhood becomes victim to they wise ways.

Toronto girls can't dance

After many hours of extensive research* I found out that this is in fact a widely held belief in Toronto, Toronto girls just can't dance. Wrong. We can dance, in fact many of us know how to tap dance and twerk. So take that you stupid myth.

*not real research

Toronto girls are extremely judgemental

Okay so Toronto girls are judgemental. That is a fact. However extremely judgemental falls into the myth category. Toronto ladies standards are high, especially when it comes to men, we can't just let any Tom, Dick, or Harry wander into our life without judging him first. We need to keep our wits about us, Toronto is a big city and to get by one must have a discerning eye. Though once we know you, we will let our guard down and judge you only a little bit.

Photo cred - business-lady

Toronto girls are career obsessed

This is the belief that Toronto ladies put their careers before everything and anyone in their lives. They are so busy and focused on themselves that they really don't have time for anything else. This is very untrue. Though Toronto ladies are fiercely independent and strive for amazing careers, they are masters in the art of balancing everything. From their social life, gym schedules, tattoo removal sessions, to dog walking, Toronto ladies be getting it all done.

Toronto girls love assholes

Here we go again. The asshole debate. Don't hold the door open for me and I'll love you forever. We all know nice guys finish last, especially on Toronto street corners when they are letting all the assholes swiftly pass them by. But do Toronto ladies really fall for that shit? Do Toronto ladies really want a man who never texts them back and treats them like a piece of meat? No, no, no. Toronto ladies want a man with confidence but they also want a sweetheart they can watch the skyline with. The douche bag on king west might be good for a one night stand, but in the long run Toronto ladies don't want assholes in their lives, they won't stand for it.

Toronto girls want rich guys

The myth is, they aren't looking for love, they are instead looking for money, lots of it. City life gets expensive and most Toronto ladies are looking for a significant other to pay for it all. Wrong. That is a myth my friends. Yeah going out and spending lot's of hard earned cash is fun but there are plenty of other fun things to do that require little to no money in this city. Hanging out on a rooftop with some cheap wine can go a long way.

Toronto girls think they're too good for you

"You can't get laid in Toronto", is a popular sentence among city dwellers (whether they will admit to this or not is beyond me). At bars and clubs Toronto ladies can usually be spotted amongst a group of super hot well dressed possibly tatted up ladies. Maybe they are drinking whiskey sours, maybe they're drinking bourbon, and maybe you think they're too good for you. The fact is (well it's a myth really) that's all in your head. Toronto ladies don't think they're too good for you, equals among equals, unless you're absolutely hideous and have a terrible personality, than yes we are too good for you.

Toronto girls love sushi

We don't all love sushi. Yes maybe 9 out of 10 of us do, however there is that one Toronto lady out there who doesn't like sushi. I met her once, I didn't like her, but I know she exists.

Photo cred - gotta-be-skinny-for-me

Toronto girls are obsessed with fitness

Yea we like to look good, and yea maybe a lot of us have those neon nike running shoes and yea maybe we do wear tight fitting work out pants a lot but we also like to eat burgers. And tacos, and pizza, and poutine. Toronto girls are easy going like that. A fine balance of fitness, tequila, and poutine. It's a wonderful thing.

Toronto girls are stuck up

Just because most of us don't have labour jobs nor do we trudge our heels through mud everyday doesn't necessarily mean we are opposed to either of those ideas. The city streets are paved and everything is extremely accessible, we've grown accustomed to life's little luxuries and we like it. However this doesn't mean we are snobby about it and/or expect everything to be handed to us. Toronto ladies know how to work hard, be humble about it, and get messy if the situation demands it of us. We can weather the storm without the umbrella and then pull off the wet look.

Toronto girls complain constantly

"It's so cold out" is one of the many weather complaints uttered by many a Toronto lady. Is that all they talk about? Yes and no. We do complain a lot because we know what we want and we know when things are wrong and getting in the way of what we want. However we do have a lot of other intelligent things to say. The ratio is about 50/50. "Why did we come here? It's so loud!" "Ugh it's so empty here..." "These lights are way too bright." Now imagine three other intelligent things being said and you have a pretty standard conversation with a Toronto lady right there.

Toronto girls don't use tinder

They do.

Toronto girls are too nice

You can walk all over Toronto ladies because they are so effing polite and they won't speak their minds as to not offend you. This is Canada after all, we are sorry, so sorry. Wrong. Maybe that's true for the prairies but here in Toronto the ladies will tell you what's up and they won't be shy about it. Yes we follow social norms and yes we are the epitome of polite when you first meet us, however Toronto ladies are not afraid to express their own opinions and speak their minds.

Photo cred – SCC

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