Relationships are all different and no two couples are the same.

And while that may be true, there are still shared struggles that every relationship has in common.

Here are 13 completely normal things that you will 100% fight about with bae, even if you think it's ridiculous. You've been warned.

1. Figuring out what size of popcorn to get at the movies

You always agree on sharing a large which becomes his personal large and you regret not getting your own.

2. Wanting to know their size without giving away what your getting

If you get something too big or too small you may not have someone to get gifts the next time around.

3. Getting equal gifts for each other

It’s always awkward when one person goes harder on getting something special.

4. Agreeing on where to eat

What do you feel like?

I don’t know.

Let’s go here.

No I don’t feel like that.


5. When one is into PDA and the other isn’t

When is it too much…when is it not enough.

6. Picking sides of the bed

If he lets you sleep on the side he wants, you know it’s love.

7. Not liking their friends

It is extremely difficult to pretend to like their friends when you have nothing in common.

8. Deciding whose family to spend holidays with

It will forever be alternating years.

9. Altering personal appearance that the other doesn’t approve of

You should love each other no matter what…unless one gets a flying pig tattoo, shaves their head, or gets too much lip injection. #kylie

10. When one is DTF and the other isn’t

You want to please each other, but what about when you are just too tired to function.

11. When one cries the other doesn’t know what to do about it

This can be very awkward. At least try to have sympathy.

12. When your friends/family don’t like them

Constantly defending someone can only continue for so long.

13. One likes to party and the other doesn’t

Look at it this way, you will always have a reliable DD.