It's that time of the night: 2am, you've just finished hopping to and from the coolest bars in Toronto, and you're desperate for some good ol' greasy delicious 24 hour drunk food. 

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If you partied too hard and just need to go faceplant on your bed, save your money and go out for hungover breakfast! But if you're still out and up for some food and good times, you have to check out these amazing 24 restaurants:

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Lakeview Restaurant // 1132 Dundas St W

Open 24 Hours. This 24 hour restaurant has all your favourite comfort foods, and is the perfect spot after a night on Dundas West.

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New Ho King // 410 Spadina Ave

Open till 4am. What better way to satisy your drunk cravings then tons of Chinese food?

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Pho Pasteur Restaurant // 525 Dundas St W

Open 24 Hours. A Toronto staple, this Pho spot is perfect for any time of the day. Especially 4am.

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Canton Chilli // 418 Spadina Ave

Open till 5am. Amazing Indian Cantonese cuisine, this place is the best for 5am cravings.

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7 West Cafe // 7 Charles St W

Open 24 Hours. Lots of options to choose from, This cafe is great for the whole gang.

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Fran's Restaurant & Bar // 20 College St

Open 24 Hours. The epitome of 24 hour restaurants, Frans is there for you at all hours of the night.

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Hong Shing // 195 Dundas St W

Open till 5am. Drunk cravings and Chinese food go together like sunshine and the beach. Perfect.

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Burrito Boyz // 224 Adelaide St W 

Open till 4am. There's something comforting and beautiful about holding a warm burrito at 2am. Delicious!

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Denny's // 121 Dundas St W

Open 24 Hours. Another amazing 24 hour restaurant, this is the best place to go for cheap eats and huge portions!


King Palace Restaurant // 820 Church St 

Open till 6am. Fulfill your Indian and Pakistani cravings at this late night spot.

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Kayagum Restaurant // 5460 Yonge St #100

Open 24 Hours. Japanese and Korean food is always a must after a night out. Check this spot out!

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Carlton Golden Griddle // 45 Carlton St 

Open 24 Hours. Because sometimes the only thing you need is pancakes.

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Pizza Gigi // 189 Harbord St 

Open till 4am. The most classic drunk food of all time, Pizza. You can get the best late night pizza here!

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