You know when you plan a super fun day to hangout with your BFF but you're both too indecisive on where to go? Usually us lazy gals will just settle for one of the amazing restaurants Toronto has to offer.

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But how many times can we just grab brunch? We;re young girls loving in Toronto who are in need of some good times. Don't worry, we've got you covered with this list of activities that don't involve restaurants (summer body mode: enabled). 

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Her Majesty's Pleasure // 556 King St W

This popular salon and bar hybrid is incredibly popular in Toronto. The shop is super aesthetic and perfect for BFF Instagram posts.

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Glamour Secrets Beauty Bar // 200 Front St W

You and your girls work hard all day being girl bosses and getting shit done. When you finally get a chance to hang, relax at glamour secrets and get glam!

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The Devils Workshop // 890 Queen St.W

Jewelry can be crazy expensive. This unique shop on Queen West knows the struggle, and will actually help you make your own pieces. Can someone say friendship bracelets????

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Ganja Yoga Studio // 714 Bloor St W

Get zen with your ladies at this unique Yoga studio on Bloor St. With a wide variety of classes and packages, you and your BFF will have fun and get fit at the same time.

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Graffiti Alley // Queen St W

All Toronto girls know the importance of having a killer feed. Put together your best outfits, and spend the afternoon snapping pics of each other! Best part about this? Totally free.

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Take a spin at this Instagram challenge // Multiple Locations

Can you complete all these in 1 day? Grab your girls and start planning!

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Bata Shoe Museum // 327 Bloor St West 

The Bata Shoe Museum has some pretty insane shoes, definitely worth checking out. You won't find these at Nordstrom!

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The Underground Dance Centre // 220 Richmond St W

Instead of hanging with your BFF at a restaurant on your next girls day, get active! Take a dance class where you can sweat, laugh and learn with your girlfriends.

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Kensington Market // Augusta Ave

Kensington Market is home to some pretty unique vendors. Spend the day popping into the small unique shops and enjoying the company of friends.

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Paint Cabin // 723 Gerrard St E

Get artsy with your BFF and visit this art studio where you can meet tons of cool artists and work on your skills.

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Power Up Game Bar // 38 Wellington St E

Calling all gamer girls! For those of you that can't afford a game console, look no further than power up game bar! Tons of video games to challenge your BFF to!

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Go on a secret adventure // Multiple Locations

Did you know how many secret places there are in Toronto? Grab your gang and see how many of them you can find!