13 Places Where The Hottest Guys In Toronto Hangout

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13 Places Where The Hottest Guys In Toronto Hangout

There is no doubt about it - Toronto is home to some of the most attractive people in Canada. However, they are not always easy to find. Thanks to Tinder and Bumble, scoping out the cutest guys in the city has never been easier, but sometimes it is more fun to meet people the old-fashioned way - in real life rather than through your smart phone.

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Toronto has a wide variety of bars and restaurants where you might just meet Mr. Right, but you must choose wisely. Between all the clubs, bars and hot spots in Toronto, choosing the right spot to meet guys can be tough. Try your luck at one of these 13 places where we think the hottest guys in Toronto hangout.

1. The Thompson Hotel // 550 Wellington St W

The Thompson offers so many different ways to meet guys. Whether he is from out of town and staying in the hotel or is having a couple drinks in the lounge, you will definitely spot a couple cuties at The Thompson. This is your best bet for finding a hot, young professional in the city.

2. Everleigh // 580 King St W

Everleigh is a classic go to in the Toronto club scene. Everyone goes there at some point each weekend - including the Toronto hotties. Head to Everleigh if you enjoy good music, strong drinks and cute guys all night long.

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3. Early Mercy // 540 King St W

Everyone likes Early Mercy aka it is always flooded with cute guys. Between the good music and awesome atmosphere, it is a always a good night at this place. It is nearly impossible to not find a hunk at Early Mercy.

4. Hemingway’s // 142 Cumberland St

If clubs are not your thing, Hemingway's is the way to go. Located in Yorkville, this low key pub doesn't quite fit in with its surroundings and you are sure to find someone just as unique inside. Hemingway's offers a a nice mix of guys regardless of your type.

5. Pravda // 44 Wellington St E

This Russian themed bar is the place to go if your like vodka and hot guys. The scene is more relaxed than a club, but not as relaxed as a dive. The good drinks and good looking people make it a great night out every time.

6. Brooklynn // 1186 Queen St W

The environment at Brooklynn is super low key and chill. The music is a mixture of today’s top hits and hip-hop/R&B and then some. Cute guys usually flock to this bar because they enjoy the chill atmosphere when they are not feeling a club night.

7. EFS // 647 King St W

EFS is one of the best places in the city to turn up with your squad. This King West gem plays great music by awesome DJs and has crowds of people that know how to party. So just grab a shot of some liquid courage and ask one of the many cute guys to dance.

8. Drake One Fifty // 150 York St

The Drake says their "lounge is just like your living room… only better..." Better because there are an abundance of cute guys there. No it is not a club, however, Drake One Fifty is actually the best kept secret for a great night out meeting new people.

9. Apt 200 // 1034 Queen St W

Apt 200 resembles that of an upscale house party. Between the pool table, video games and graffiti, you would think all these cute guys had just randomly shown up to your own house to party. The chill vibe makes it easy to approach said hotties.

10. The Addisons Residence // 456 Wellington St W

Whether you head here for an after party or just a normal club night, there is always something going on at The Addisons Residence. You are most likely to find a cute guy with good taste in music here who definitely knows how to have a good time.

11. Bar Raval // 505 College St

Bar Raval is a great bar to scope out mature men in Toronto. The over 25 crowd that is only out for a drink or two rather than rounds and rounds of shots can be found here. Luckily, the place is always filled with a couple cuties.

12. Reposado // 136 Ossington Ave

Reposado is a chic, dimly lit watering hole dedicated to top-shelf tequilas and Mexican tapas. The spot also hosts live music and it a good change when you are tired of meeting guys at clubs. Tacos and cute guys? Count me in.

13. The Beaconsfield // 1154 Queen St W

The Beaconsfield is probably one of the more low key places where hot Toronto guys hangout. It is your average pub, but the guys that go there are far above average. So have yourself a seat at the bar, order a cocktail and get to know the cutie beside you.

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