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13 Bucket List Desserts To Try In Toronto If You F*cking Love All Things Purple

It comes with many names and in many different forms. Taro, ube, purple sweet potato or purple yam, it is the purple gift given to us from beneath the ground. No matter what you call it, anyone who's given it a try can't deny that it's as aesthetic as it is tasey. 

This distinct flavour is both sweet, succulent, and earthy all while offering a unique vibrant purple colour, which can make any dessert look and taste good. So if purple is your favourite colour, and you're all about the sweetness of the purple yam, then here are some super cute ube desserts you can find all around Toronto. 

1. Ube Waffles @ Platito Soul Food

Where: Platito Pop-Ups // Various Locations

via @platitotoronto

Platito is one of Toronto's best spots for purple desserts galore! Their ube waffles with chicken are basically an entree and dessert rolled into one! Or you can get it topped with ube gelato! Although they have been temporarily displaced from their location to due a fire, you can still catch their pop ups at special events across the city. Stay tuned to their social media to see where they will be next!


2. Taro Ice Cream Rolls @ Arctic Bites

Where: 21 Baldwin St. // Downtown Core

via @kotetsu_karasu

These creamy ice cream rolls are taro and coconut flavour! You also have the option of jazzing it up with different toppings such as cookies and wafers for a unique taste experience every time!


3. Ube Cake @ Casa Manilla

Where: 879 York Mills Rd. // York Mills

via @casamanilaca

This is basically like birthday cake but only better! Because it's entirely ube flavoured. It features ube flavoured cream cheese icing on an ube flavoured sponge cake.


4. Ube Leche Flan @ Lamesa

Where: 669 Queen St. W // Trinity Bellwoods

via @lamesato

This takes flan to a whole new level! This Ube leche flan is sweet and soft for the best custard experience filled with the flavours of ube. And the presentation is so pretty, you won't even want to eat it.


5. Ube Ice Cream @ iHalo Krunch

Where: 831 Queen St. W // Trinity Bellwoods

via @ihalokrunch

If there's another thing you should visit iHalo Krunch for apart from its charcoal ice cream, then it's their ube or ube haze ice cream. You can have it alone or mixed with charcoal ice cream, in a charcoal cone! But of course, you only came for the purple.


6. Taro Bubble Tea @ Chatime

Where: 132 Dundas St. W // Downtown Core

via @she8theworld

Nothing beats a classic taro bubble tea, and Chatime knows that taro is a bubble tea essential. You can choose to have it as a slush, smoothie or milk tea with your choice of tapioca or grass jelly.


7. Taro Croissants @ Bake Code

Where: 4910 Yonge St. // North York

via @bakecode

Take your morning or afternoon snack to the next level by making it a purple one. Bake Code's unique selection of croissants includes a taro croissant, which infuses a light purple colour and subtle taro flavour into a soft fluffy croissant.


8. Ube Cheesecake @ Lake Inez

Where: 1471 Gerrard St. E // Little India

via @lakeinez

Whoever thought of this combination must be greatly thanked! The ube cheesecake looks and tastes like a colourful version of your classic cheesecake, with the earthy sweetness from the purple yam.


9. Taro Knot @ Bake Code

Where: 4910 Yonge St. // North York

via @bakecode

You're 'knot' going to want to pass up on this one! These knots contain the vibrant flavour and filling of purple yam mixed with cream cheese mixed and folded into an adorable little pastry!


10. Ube Stuffed Waffles @ Pinoy Waffles

Where: 4300 Steeles Ave. E // Markham

via @savorfilipino

These unique waffle stick snacks are filled with various flavours, which of course includes a delicious taro filled waffle. You can find them inside Pacific Mall and enjoy the other Filipino desserts they have to offer!


11. Dulce Ube Cupcakes @ Tripl3 Baked

Where: 2711 Bur Oak Ave. // Markham

via @tripl3baked

Enjoy the luxurious side of ube, with these dulce ube cupcakes! They're the perfect mix of purple yam, chocolate and caramel flavours all mixed together for a unique taste experience.


12. Ube Macapuno Cake @ FV Foods

Where: 549 St Clair Ave. W // Wynchwood

via @rheatvillafana

This beautiful purple cake topped with coconut jelly is just as good as it looks! This combines two traditional flavours of the Philippines and rolls them into one delicious log cake.


13. Ube Macarons @ Something Sweet 4U

Where: 5380 Terry Fox Way // Mississauga

Have tea in style, of course not without your favourite flavour, the purple yam! These purple yam macarons celebrate the beauty and colour by using natural pigment. The macarons keeps the classic taro flavour we all know and love, packaged into something new!


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