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13 Reasons Geeky Girls Make The Best Wives

If there's one thing that makes any girl way more attractive to a guy, it's when she embraces her inner geek. Yup, that's right. Pokemon, Star Wars, Anime and whatever geeky guilty pleasures you might have only enhance your beauty.

So if you're down to find a girl that you can talk tech, comics and anything else that is considered the language of geek with, then here is why she's in fact wifey material.

1. She's probably a gamer.

Most geeky girls have been gamers at some point in their life. There's nothing more attractive than a girl who look cute and cream you in Call of Duty at the same time.

2. She's down to watch the same series' as you, that is if she doesn't already watch them.

Whether it's Doctor Who or GoT, she's probably already seen it from the start, but if she hasn't, she's totally down to binge watch 5 seasons straight on your couch. And she'll even order pizza!

3. You won't have to feel left out of most conversations.

The reason why I say most, is because she is going to have to talk about girly stuff sometimes, but for the majority of the time she's talking about the shocking last episode from her favourite animé or reciting Star Wars quotes.

4. She can help you do tech stuff.

Geeky girls usually have a knack for dealing with tech products, and while they might not dabble in all areas, they normally specialize in one area of tech. She'd be up to the challenge to help build a gaming PC!

5. She's always willing to learn new things.

She loves learning! Whether it's discovering new obsessions, cooking or learning cool tricks to troubleshoot her computer, she's down to learn literally anything.

6. Her idea of a cool date is going to a convention or expo.

The date that dreams are made of! Going into an environment where everyone is just like her makes her feel super comfortable! And at the same time she gets to spend time with her favourite geek of all, you.

7. You don't need to go to Sephora or Tiffany& Co. to buy her a gift.

She might wear makeup and jewelry, but that's not what impresses her. She'd be much happier if you got her a box set of her favourite show or that Pop! figurine of her favourite character.

8. She's smart and probably smarter than you.

And she won't make you feel bad about it. She's smart in a humble way and is always open to teaching you about new things. Learning (like a relationship) goes both ways.

9. She finds your geekiness attractive.

Your geekiness is probably what drew her in to you anyways. She prefers a funny and geeky personality so much more over a six pack of abs.

10. She'll make you do a cosplay at least once with her.

Couples who cosplay together stay together! Who could it be? Princess Leia and Han Solo? Or Spiderman and Mary Jane? Or perhaps you guys are the Joker and Harley Quinn type!

11. She's super creative.

She's fully dedicated to her geeky obsessions, meaning that might cause her to get creative at times. Whether it's making cosplays or doing sketches, being involved in the arts comes in the package of a good old geeky girl.

12. She is full of awesome quirks.

She's always going to surprise you! Her passion for learning has given her skills to dabble in almost anything, so when she tells you that she used to dabble in computer repairs but sold hand-made knits on Etsy, it'll make you fall in love with her even more.

13. She is totally a DIY handygirl.

If there's anything that can be done without professional help, she'll learn the ways and try doing it herself. It may not always work out, but it's a fun activity for her. Handy + cute = totally wife material!

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