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13 Reasons You Need A British Girlfriend In Your Life

Are you single and tired of it? I don't blame you, it's a hard world of dating out there with so many apps and websites available. It can be overwhelming.

That's why I'm here to tell you about all the reasons you need to step up your game and get a British girlfriend in your life. Not only will she be classy and sweet, she will also be the hilarious accomplice you need.

Here is why you need to expand your dating pool with a lady as lovely as royalty.

1. She makes you a full English breakfast every Sunday.

We Canadians like our peameal bacon, but your lady will serve you bangers and beans on toast.

2. She is the sarcasm queen.

Brits are known for their dry sense of humour. Your girl's jokes are funnier than a Bridget Jones flick.

3. She always wants to go on amazing holidays.

Workers in England who work full-time must receive 28 paid days off a year. Dating a Brit means dating someone who is keen on frequent amazing adventures.

4. She's obsessed with the Royals.

While Canadian girls are obsessing over the Kardashian's, your girl is only concerned about Will and Kate.

5. She's a neat freak.

The Brits value cleanliness and your girlfriend does not take a messy house lightly. You better get used to emptying the dishwasher and tidying your apartment.

6. She will always be classy...

"That's not ladylike" will be a common phrase out of a British girls mouth but...

7. She will be the life of the party.

British chicks also know when to have a good time. Whether she's karaoking The Spice Girls or planning a magical Harry Potter themed party, you are sure to have an amazing time with her.

8. She's able to laugh at herself.

Since she will always be making jokes it's nice to have a girl who can laugh at her own faults too. So what if she thinks Ed Sheeran is the sexiest man alive, she owns it.

9. She is super into "football".

Maybe it's not the football you love but having a British girlfriends means having a girlfriend who loves sports. I'm pretty sure that's the dream.

10. She'll get you drinking tea like it is nobody's business.

What was life like before a steaming cup of Tetley? A British girlfriend will get you hooked on a healthier alternative than coffee.

11. She is all about staying in and watching TV.

If you want a girl that's going to chill on the couch and watch some dope shows with a British chick will never disappoint. She probably already has some unreal suggestions for you two to share.

12. She will search out the best fried foods.

Fried food is the best food. You and your british girlfriend can search the city for the best fish and chips for the rest of eternity.

13. She will be your mom's favourite person.

Your mom will obsess over her cute accent and sparky attitude. If she can impress your momma you know she's a keeper.

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