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13 Restaurants You Should 100% Take A First Date To In Toronto

Satisfy the taste buds.
13 Restaurants You Should 100% Take A First Date To In Toronto

First dates can be very nerve wracking, especially when it comes to making the decision where to go. There are many restaurants in Toronto and we're very aware of that but the question is, which ones are suitable for a first date?

There are so many things to take into consideration if you're interested in scoring a second date. Does the person follow a specific diet? Do they have any allergies? Are they more into the casual scene or fine dining? Either way I'm sure you'd like to impress your date according to their preferences, therefore it's important to be familiar with the restaurants in Toronto that are suitable for a first date. Here's a list of 13 restaurants you should consider taking your first date to, well that's of course if you want to score a second one.

1. El Catrin // 18 Tank House Lane

If you and your date would like to spicen up your taste buds, El Catrin is the place to be. Their tapas style menu allows you to sample a variety of different items from the authentic and modern Mexican cuisine. There's no need to worry about who's going to break the silence at this restaurant because there's so many things going on at this venue. The interior decor has one of the cities most beautiful murals designed by one of Mexico's finest artists, there is the coziest heated patio, the live music keeps you alive and El Catrin has Canada's largest mescal and tequila bar with over 120 different labels.

2. Nami  // 55 Adelaide St. E

There are so many Japanese restaurants in Toronto, but Nami in my opinion is very suitable for a first date. Traditional cuisine is served by Kimono-clad servers in a simple modern setting. If you'd like to create more of an intimate connection between you and your date, reserve a private booth or the exclusive Tatami room that is concealed with rice-paper screened doors. If you're not comfortable yet to be with your date one on one, the Sushi bar provides seating space for a more social dining experience.

3. Tappo Wine Bar & Restaurant // 2 Trinity St.

Bellissimo!!! This upscale-casual Italian restaurant is so lovely. The dimmed lights, welcoming atmosphere and delicious food make this restaurant the perfect place for a first date. The service is exceptional, therefore don't be worried about the first date being a disaster. This small yet vibrant restaurant located in Toronto's Historic Distillery District, has the finest wine menu with over 50 choices of vino to select from. Relax, get to know each other over a glass of wine, paired with authentic cuisine in this traditional Italian venue.

Photo cred -@ianrhoward

4. Miller Tavern // 31 Bay St.

It's common for people to become nervous on a first date. If you would like to choose a restaurant that guarantees fabulous and quick service, consider Miller Tavern. It provides a casual, comfortable and appropriate setting if you're not sure whether you're really into the person or not. Once you're done eating your Lobster Thermidor or Sinatra Style New York Strip steak, if your date is really turning you off and you're desperate to escape, it shouldn't be a problem to get out of there as fast as possible.

5. Flock // multiple locations

Flock is a casual dine-in restaurant that is great choice for people who like to eat healthy. With fresh ingredients and customizable options, your picky eater shouldn't be disappointed. Their chicken is naturally raised without hormones or antibiotics and their menu consists of "delicious food that's pretty good for you."

6. Sassafraz // 100 Cumberland St.

Sassafraz is a notable place in the heart of Yorkville. There are two seating areas to select from depending on the type of connection you'd like to create during the first date. If you'd like to be more comfortable and laid back, take a seat in the front room at one of the tables with couches. If you're interested in having a more intimate date, ask the server to seat you in the back room. Their fine menu offers French inspired cuisine, with a variety of sharing plates to choose from.

7. The Wren // 1382 Danforth Ave.

For a first time encounter, this restaurant is a great choice because it allows you to become more familiar with each other in a casual atmosphere. The Wren has a wide selection of local craft beers and a menu that has a solid mix of tex-mex food. The pub-style restaurant has attentive and friendly service, that helps a lot during a first date incase something goes down hill.

8. People's Eatery // 307 Spadina Ave

This Chinese Snack Bar offers adventurous global-fusion cuisine that is very affordable. If you prefer not to rack up a bill on your first date, take People's Eatery into consideration. Their tasting menu allows you to discover whether or not you have common food preferences. I mean everyone loves Chinese food right? I doubt there will be a problem.

Photo cred -@jen.deacon

9. Tabulë // 2009 Yonge St.

Middle Eastern cuisine fanatics will not be disappointed with Tabule. Afterall, it is considered to be one of Toronto's top middle eastern restaurants. Perhaps your date may be vegetarian, therefore avoid the awkward moment by having your first date here. Tabule has a hearty menu, offering a variety of appetizers, dips and main courses. Their design, cozy atmosphere and exceptional service will guarantee a successful first date.

10. Bar Begonia // 252 Dupont St.

This modish lounge serves traditional French cuisine, wine and cocktails that will compliment your first experience together. Most of their menu consists of dishes suitable for sharing, allowing you to converse while trying different types of food. Bar Begonia is a Parisian-style type of bar, with a modern design and an enjoyable atmosphere that will leave your date speechless.

11. Bugigattolo // 54 Fraser Ave.

You'll be lured in by the energy and magic of this venue.Bugigattolo has an open kitchen, serving authentic Italian food and a chef that will most likely convince you to try everything on the menu. If you choose this restaurant for your first date, you'll be guaranteed a second one. The venue only seat 25 people, allowing you to get to know your date better without a ruckus happening around you. With wonderful food and service, the cozy and intimate graces the busy streets of Liberty Village.

12. PO Box 1192 // 1192 Queen St E.

If you're down for a more chill date check out PO Box 1192. The dim lighting, old school hip hop playing in the background and snack bar food will ease any anxious feelings. The prices are also very affordable, therefore this restaurant would be the perfect choice for a first date if you're on a budget.

13. Alo // 163 Spadina Ave.

A modern French cuisine restaurant, offering a spectacular dining experience. If you'd like you impress your first date, Alo will guarantee a high dining experience. Their food is very flavorful and they are known to be one of the best tasting-format restaurants in Toronto. Their service is on splendid and the beautiful design as a whole reflects the menu and all aspects of the operation. There's no way you can go wrong by going to this restaurant for your first date.

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