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13 Ridiculous Fears All Torontonians Have But Will Never Admit

Like any other city, Toronto has its pros and cons which influence numerous experiences that reflect the way we see and interact with the city. Not only are we able to celebrate the positivity the city embraces, but we also share common fears.

Whether you've been warned or have gone through these tribulations yourself, they are fears that only us Torontonians can classify as "fears" and can only be experienced in our city.

1. Getting pushed into the subway track at St.George or Bloor-Yonge station.


2. Buying your first home - or buying any sort of property in general.

Living in Toronto has become one of the most expensive places to live. It's not unheard of to be paying half a million dollars for something that can't even fit two people comfortably.

3. "Attention TTC customers, we are currently experiencing a delay southbound on line 1..." "Longer than normal travel time due to signal issues..."

E v e r y t i m e, you're in a rush to get to work or school, this always seems to happen.

4. Never knowing what Toronto weather will bring.

One day it's nice and sunny outside, the next it's the ice age. Toronto does this thing where it undergoes all four seasons in one day.

5. Ordering an uber downtown and the surge being 4x the normal fare.

No, I do not accept the higher fare. *accepts higher fare*

6. Hitting a bicyclist.

Let's hope you're a focused driver because you legit don't know when a guy on a bicycle is going to pop up.

7. Not making it to the bar before last call because alcohol is only served until 2 am.

We need that extended 4am license to be permanent. Toronto people are loafts.

8. Getting stuck in major traffic on the 401.

Rush hour is the absolute worst in Toronto, but being stuck on the 401 - total different ball game.

10. Walking down the stairs at subway stations during the winter and fearing you'll slip and fall.

Especially if you're entering Osgoode or Queen Station. Damn you slush!

11. Catching E. Coli or developing a rare mutation if you go into the Lake at Woodbine beach.

You never really know if it's a good idea to go into the water, but if you do, you're just praying that you don't develop a tail or something.

12. Running into someone you know when you look like sh!t.

Why does everyone in Toronto know each other?!

13. Fearing that the Blue Jays won't do as well next year.

The pride is real, can't let us down now - or any of our sports team for that matter.

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