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13 Romantic Restaurants In Toronto That Will Make You Feel Like The Beginning Of Your Relationship

When you're in a relationship, especially a more serious, long-term one, you can get super comfortable with your partner. This means a lot of lounging in your pyjamas, Netflix and chilling, shovelling down some ice-cream and or popcorn depending on your #mood. 

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Down time is truly essential to having a good relationshipdon't get it twisted. It's important to be able to relax and feel at ease with your S/O. But sometimes all that comfort can transition into a rut that has you craving those warm, gushy, honeymoon months of candle-lit dinners and glasses of red wine. 

We've narrowed down some of the most romantic restaurants in Toronto for you to rekindle those sparks into a full blown fire. 

1. Alo Restaurant // 163 Spadina Ave. 

This exclusive French restaurant is hidden up on the 3rd floor on Queen and Spadina. The sky high factor is definitely romantic as well as the ever changing, unique menu. 

2. Bar Begonia // 252 Dupont St. 

Fly over to France on your lunch break. Straight to Bar Begonia on Dupont. Their craft cocktails and 3-6pm specials are to die for! 

3. branca // 1727 Dundas St. W. 

This Argentinian spot has tons of shareable, hands on food options for you and your S/O to get romantic with your meal. 

4. Brothers // 1240 Bay St

The entrance to this cozy wine bar is tucked right beside Bay Station. The bar is warm, inviting and perfect for snacking and drinking all night long. 

5. Chabrol // 90 Yorkville Ave

Nothing is more romantic that a little French food in a quiet cafe. This Yorkville spot is super quaint, intimate and sweet for the two of you to reconnect. 

6. Dandylion //  1198 Queen St W

Definitely not what you would think of when you hear Queen Street, Dandylion intimate as ever. Serving up adorable apartment vibes and vegetarian dishes. 

7. Edulis // 169 Niagara Street

This Western European meets French spot off King serves up delicious seasonal menus for every food-lover. Make sure to book in advance to get a table for two! 

8. Midfield Wine Bar //  1434 Dundas St W

If your S/O other loves wine, look no further! This is a super easy spot for you both to fill up your glasses and your hearts with first-date butterflies. 

9. Woodlot // 293 Palmerston Ave. 

What could be cosier than an actual wood-burning oven? Not much y'all, not much. This Little Italy restaurant will please your meat eaters and vegetarians with its wide range of menu options. 

10. Actinolite // 791 Ossington Ave

This sleek Ossington spot has a truly intimate and amazing tasting menu of sustainable and succulent food choices, with beautiful wines paired with each course. 

11. Marben // 488 Wellington St W

Marben serves up all of your favourites kicked up a notch or three. Think of the most amazing dinner you've ever made at home with some added pizzazz. All of the comfort with all of the style in one dish! 

12. Union // 72 Ossington Ave

Simple, hearty, neighbourhood favourites served up by familiar faces. This Ossington spot will make you feel like you're on a group date, attentive service and delicious foods. 

13. Bar Isabel // 797 College St. 

Romantic from the outside in, your date will swoon upon the stained glass and open window to the moody red light that sets the bar aglow.

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