If you're looking to end your summer on a high note, why not take a risk and go skinny dipping?!

With cottage country being just a short road trip away from the city, checking off this bucket-list activity is not incredibly difficult.

While public nudity is illegal, there are no rules against going topless! #FreeTheNipple

Whether you're looking to play by the rules, or you're willing to go for a dip in your birthday suit, these 13 places are the best spots to get a little naked this summer.

Photo cred -@saustinhayes

1. Suable Beach

Sauble is basically a no brainer. Is there any better way to end a beach day than a refreshing and (maybe) naked swim in the moonlight?

2. Turkey Point

If you're looking for something a little more exciting than drinking fire-side, or roasting marshmallows, why not head to the beach after sunset?! Grab your friends and "forget" your bathing suits!

3. Rock Point

The only clothing I advise bringing to a late night swim at rock point is flip flops. The beach is made of tiny rocks, not soft and forgiving sand. Other than that, enjoy yourself!

4. Hanlan's Beach  (South)

If you're looking to stay local, the South side of Hanlan's Point Beach is the perfect place to go. This beach has been clothing optional since 2002, so don't be surprised if you see a few people baring it all.

5. Port Dover

Port Dover is basically the Jersey Shore of Ontario. Don't be surprised if your night in Port Dover ends skinny dipping; it just means you're doing things right!

Photo cred -@marleneclarke2

6. Lake Simcoe

The amount of topless Instagram posts within the Lake Simcoe hashtag were pretty surprising. Who knew it was so LIT?!

7. Crystal Lake

If you have a cottage at Crystal Lake, you likely know how to party. Therefore you know how to skinny dip.

8. St. Mary's Quarry

St. Mary's is known for being Canada's largest freshwater swimming pool! Grab your wildest group of friends, leave your bathing suits behind and take a risk.

9. Marmora Mine

It's a little tricky to access Marmora mine, but completely worth the story! This watering-hole is surrounded by dense forests, so it might be a bit of an adventure getting to the water.

10. The Bruce Peninsula Grotto

Check off two bucket list activities at once! Visiting the Grotto and skinny dipping! Although this spot is usually pretty busy, so your best bet is to go very late at night.

Photo cred -@jana_b_ananas

11. Leonard Lake

Cottage country is basically made for skinny dipping. No need to bring multiple bathing suits to Leonard lake, you probably won't be using them after 11PM.

12. Buckhorn Lake

Buckhorn Lake is where cottage goers go to escape the city, relax and recharge. Although some people go here to get weird, get drunk and get naked. It's really up to you!

13. Scarborough Bluffs

This local spot is for the brave. Considering it's close proximity to the city, you're much more likely to get caught. Although, if you're willing to take the risk it would make a pretty good story.