13 Super Cute Cafes On Queen West That You Have To Check Out

Little gems for the caffeinated soul!
13 Super Cute Cafes On Queen West That You Have To Check Out

Queen West is one of Toronto's most hip, and unique areas. From its amazing shops and restaurants, to its overall great vibes, there is never a time you can't enjoy yourself here. One of my favourite things about this area though, are the amazing coffee shops. 

I live for coffee shops of all kinds. There is nothing like getting caffeinated at a cute little shop that isn't your typical chain coffee place. Don't get me wrong, I love a good Starbucks drink, but there is something different and intriguing about non-chain coffee shops. Here are a few of the cutest cafes that you have to try the next time you're stumped for a place to grab a coffee or are looking for something new. 

White Squirrel Coffee Shop

Where: 907 Queen St W.

Why should you go: This organic and fair trade coffee is just the kick you will need. With it's tiny space, it makes for a very intimate setting- perfect for you to escape and nestle away on a cold day (sorry, I know winter is a sore subject, but it is coming so).


El Almacen

Where: 1087 West Queen St

Why should you go: This adorable place is the ideal for when you're in the mood for some amazing Mexican brunch, paired with traditional Mexican warm drinks. That's right, this location is not only a great cafe, but a go-to on Queen for brunch every day of the week! You can hit up this location with a friend, but it is also ideal solo since it's an intimate setting nonetheless with a warming atmosphere. 


Fix Coffee + Bikes

Where: 80 Gladstone Ave 

Why should you go: This cute little shop is not just a coffee shop, but also a bike gallery. Although it isn't directly on Queen West, it is close enough. They bring together their appreciation for local products, and a healthy lifestyle.


Bu'na Coffee

Where: 1176 Queen St W.

Why should you go: If you don't already know this, Ethiopian coffee is rich and heavenly. Bu'na coffee is a modern and exotic location, which combines the classic espresso with a the deep taste of Ethiopian coffee beans. The little pots which they brew the coffee in are so aesthetically appealing, you will for sure want to Instagram them!


Cafe Neon

Where: 1024 Queen St W. 

Why should you go: Blends of Mediterranean cuisine can be found at this cafe. From the coffee to the food items everything is made from scratch and with fresh ingredients that are sure to have you raving.


A-Game Cafe

Where: 240 Queen St W.

Why should you go: This place is cute af for the sole reason that it really takes you back to your childhood days of post after-school fun- milk and cookies, warm drinks and board games with friends! Since it is open fairly late (till midnight), it makes for a great late night spot if you're not down to go to a bar or club!


Little Nicky's Coffee

Where: 375 Queen St W.

Why should you go: Queen St W. is filled with stores that are super hip, so of course this coffee shop fits right in! This retro coffee shop has lots of space for you to enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend or solo. Be sure to get your hands on some of their mini donuts as they are to die for!


Tequila Bookworm

Where: 512 Queen St W.

Why should you go: Can't decide if you and your friend want to grab a drink or coffee? This place gives you the option to order both! With their vast selection of wine, beer and weekend brunch, they take the idea of a "coffee shop" to a whole new level! Plus, the free WiFi is key for when you need a place to work away.


Cafe Nuna

Where: 626 Queen St W. 

Why should you go: On this location's website it literally says, "When you need a pick me up in the morning, you can depend on us" and they are not wrong. From their salads to sandwiches and coffee, you are sure to keep coming back here for those pick me up mornings!


Early Bird Coffee & Kitchen

Where: 613 Queen St W.

Why should you go: Early bird catches the worm, and here it also gets the best coffee around. This cute indie shop is perfect for those long days where you just want to immerse yourself in your work and pair it with wonderful crafty drinks and breakfast items.


HotBlack Coffee

Where: 245 Queen St W. 

Why should you go: Honestly the red exterior is enough for you to be drawn to this cute coffee shop. They have ample amount of space, so if you want to rent out the space for a private event, this is an ideal location. Plus, their coffee and treats are paired well together, making your visits here perfect each time.


Kitten and the Bear

Where: 1574 Queen St W. 

Why should you go: Okay, so this cafe isn't just about coffee, it is also about adorable teas, jellies, high tea mini sandwiches and scones, plus much more. It is probably the most Instagram worthy location, in every way possible, on Queen West. From it's decor, down to it's teapots- you will fall in love.


Lavish & Squalor

Where: 253 Queen St W.

Why should you go: This rustic and antique location has delicious, rich coffee that is sure to give you the kick you need to get through the day. You're also able to shop around in the boutique that is within the shop! Two birds with one stone- very about it. 


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