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13 Super Sweet Things To Do At Home In Toronto Right Now

The fun doesn't have to stop!
13 Things To Do At Home In Toronto Right Now While We're All Locking Down

Are you bored of staying in yet? Well, don’t let social distancing get you down, because it’s 2020 and we have the internet, so, basically, anything is possible. And if you’re looking for fun things to do at home in Toronto to brighten your life right now, we’ve got you covered. 

From watching movies with the squad without any of you leaving your house to rollercoasters you can ride from your couch, the entertainment possibilities are seemingly endless.  

And with many of our favourite celebrities and sports stars also practicing social distancing, there’s lots of live entertainment streaming on the daily, too. 

Turns out, they’re just as bored as we are. So, grab your stretchiest pants, some snacks, and a seat on the couch, because your virtual social life is about to kick off. 

Get ready for soothing walks through museums and virtual house tours of your dreamiest homes. 

Now could be the perfect time to learn a new skill or try a new workout as well.

And whatever you want to get up to, you can rest easy knowing it can be done from home.

Take A Wild Rollercoaster Ride

Canada's Wonderland has an entire playlist of POV rollercoaster videos on their YouTube channel. Now, you can get your thrills and chills from the couch. Plus, there's no waiting in lines on the internet. Bonus!

Leaf The Movie Choices Up To AM34

If you're a big Leafs fan, you can spend some time hunkered down watching the team's favourite movies and shows. Between binging series like The Office and You and LOLing at every Adam Sandler movie, Auston Matthews' choices have got you covered.

Take A Music Lesson With Arkells

We can totally see why Leafs GM Kyle Dubas loves Max Kerman. This Flatten The Curves Music Class is such a sweet idea, and you can learn a little something while hanging out with the Ontario rockers online.

Museum Date, But Make It Virtual

There's nothing better than a quick walk through the ROM when you need to kill some time. Well, now you can virtually walk through the museum without having to leave the couch. What a dream.

Order Some Groceries For A Fancy Meal

Of course, you could order in a feast from your favourite delivery restaurant, but cooking for yourself is a fun way to fill the time too. Fortunately, there are plenty of Toronto grocery stores that offer delivery so you can flex those cooking muscles.

Apply For Some At-Home Jobs

If the current situation has you wishing you could work from home all the time, then why not see what remote jobs are available right now? You never know, you might find your next career move.

Workout With Serge Ibaka

If you're as bored as Serge seems to be during isolation, then you can tune into his Instagram and try his workout routine. Might as well stay in shape, right?

Movie Night With The Squad

With the Netflix Party extension, you and the squad can still watch a movie together while practicing social distancing. Don't have Netflix? Just check out these alternative apps instead.

Take In A Live Concert

As well as Arkell's lessons, a number of local and national artists, writers, and musicians are performing live on Instagram over the next few days. We might be stuck at home right now, but something about these mini virtual concerts, like this one from Ontario singer Lights, feels pretty intimate.

Recreate Your Favourite Cocktails @ Home

Toronto's local Cocktail Emporium is currently offering 15% off all online orders right now so that you can get everything you need to recreate your favourite boozy bevs at home, minus the alcohol. Cheers to isolation!

Learn A TikTok Dance

If you have a little more spare time than usual right now, why not try and learn one of the many impressive TikTok dances? Most of them are harder than you might think.

Get Board Games Delivered

This Ontario board game lounge will deliver games straight to your house and their selection is impressive. Just throw on a pot of coffee and pretend you're at your favourite games cafe.

Virtually Tour Your Dream Home

What better time to scroll through your favourite real estate sites and drool over all the dream homes available in the area? Here's one such tour to get you started. You could even bake some cookies to add to the "open house" vibe.

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