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13 Things To Do In Toronto If You've Finished Stranger Things Season 2 Already

Don't worry, there's no spoilers here!

Stranger Things' second season hasn't been out for more than a few days and I don't know about you but I am already finished and currently re-watching the season as an excuse to appreciate Steve Harrington's flawless character development for the second time. Whether you have already binge-watched the entire season or are looking for an excuse to break up the episodes so your wait for season 3 won't be as long, there are a ton of different things to do in the city that can hold you over! 

Whether you are looking for new restaurants to visit and drown your post season 2 depression with excessive amounts of food, cool bars to drink at or just general things around the city to do, we've got you covered! 

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Wafles & More // 237 Augusta Ave 

Ok, it's not Eggos but it's the next best thing ok! While this spot may not serve up the now iconic frozen food thanks to Eleven, in reality, these waffles are 100x better than Eggos themselves. At this spot, you can grab homemade Belgian waffles and opt for a meal perfect for your sweet tooth by topping it with ice cream and whipped cream or something more savoury!

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WVRST // 609 King St E 

While WVRST doesn't reflect anything from the Netflix show, I'd like to think that the Stranger Things cast aren't opposed to a good hot dog or German sausage that is. WVRST serves up some of the best and most authentic German styled sausages the city has to offer and also have a ton of crazy options like Kangaroo and Rabbit sausage.

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O.Noir // 620 Church St 

Ever dined in the dark? If not, you definitely should visit O.Noir, not only for the unique experience of eating in pitch black while being waited on by a blind staff but also because after finishing Stranger Things, it'll be an even cooler experience (or scarier, considering how freaked out you are by the Demogorgon).

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Grand Electric // 1330 Queen St W 

I'm a firm believer that tacos solve all things, especially the emptiness you feel after finishing a season of a show that won't be airing any new episodes for what feels like will be an eternity. Grand Electric is a staple spot when it comes to tacos because not only do they host great tacos but they've got delicious drinks and cocktails (as well as some incredible guac).

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Get Well // 1181 Dundas St W 

This eccentric bar has Stranger Things written all over it! From the arcade games to the mid-century vibe inside, you'll feel like you are at a bar in Hawkins! Plus, they've got pizza- who doesn't love pizza?

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Nightowl // 647 College St 

Nightowl is another great spot that serves some serious Stranger Things vibes. From the fun unique interior packed with vintage arcade games and fun cocktails to the cheap eats, you are guaranteed to revisit the spot after checking it out!

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Apt 200 // 1034 Queen St W 

The mid-century house party vibes this spot has will make you feel as though you are pulling up to one of Steve Harrington's own parties! Seriously though, this spot has tons of IG worthy photo opportunities and an overall welcoming and fun vibe that's perfect for someone who wants to grab drinks but doesn't like how intense clubs can get.

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Barchef // 472 Queen St W 

The drinks at Barchef are some of the coolest in the city and definitely will have you wondering about the science behind them. From the unique cocktails you won't find anywhere else in Toronto and with up to 5,000 plus options your first visit definitely won't be your last.

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The Cloak // 488 Wellington St 

This spots name isn't called 'The Cloak' just to suit the ominous ambiance inside, the entrance is actually pretty hard to find! Though, you definitely will find the extra minutes spent finding the entrance well worth it considering how cool the interior is.

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Dave and Buster's // 4545 Transit Rd 

While you definitely aren't expected to pull a Mad Max and get the high score on every arcade game Dave and Buster's has to offer, you definitely can expect a great time! From grabbing some quick eats at the restaurant/bar inside to following it up with some staple arcade games, it's a great place to channel your inner Will, Mike, Lucas, Dustin or Max!

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Universe Planetarium // 50 St. George St

If the series has got you appreciating science a lot more than you had before, consider checking out the planetarium seeing as you can go stargazing at this spot! It's a great way to check out what lies beyond earth (possibly an upside down of our own?)

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Guillermo Exhibit at the AGO // 317 Dundas St W 

Will, Mike, Dustin and Lucas would have loved the comic wall that's stationed in the Guillermo exhibit, so it's natural that a Stranger Things fan would appreciate it as well! Though the comic book wall definitely isn't the only cool thing inside the exhibit considering Guillermo's works are incredible in their own right!

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Go biking through one of these bike paths. 

Every Stranger Things fan knows that the boys loved their bikes, so if you are looking to channel your inner favourite member minus the whole 'Upside Down' part, go on a bike ride! Right now is especially a great time considering Fall foliage is at its peak and these bike paths in Toronto serve as the perfect way to explore it and appreciate how gorgeous nature can be! Just make sure not to run into the same trouble Will had in season 1!