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13 Thrilling Date Ideas In Toronto For Couples Who Have Been Together Forever

Shoutout to all the couples that have been holding it down for years. You are the face of true love. One down side to dating forever is that you've probably exhausted all the cool things to do in the city. 

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Well let me tell you... You have not done it all. There are still plenty of cool dates in the city I'm sure you haven't tried just yet. 

If you're in a long term relationship and getting bored of the same old dinner dates, fear not! We've got you covered with some thrilling new ideas. 

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1. Toronto Edge Walk // 301 Front St. W

The ultimate thrilling date idea. The Toronto edge walk is not for couples that are faint at heart. See the city from the edge of the famous CN tower!

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2. Gone Sailing TO // 415 Queens Quay W

Have you and your date ever been sailing before? Didn't think so. Toronto actually has sailing lessons! Take advantage this summer.

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3. Lula Lounge // 1585 Dundas St. W

Brush up on you and your partner's salsa dancing skills at Lula lounge. This is the ultimate romantic date that is also a ton of fun.

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4. Toronto Heli Tours // Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

Just when you thought you and your partner have seen the whole city, you definitely haven't seen it from all the way up in the sky! Book your helicopter tour today.

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5. Treetop Trekking // Heart Lake Conservation Area

There is actually a Treetop Trekking location in Brampton. You have to check out the views, it's pretty incredible.

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6. Downey's Farm Market // 13682 Heart Lake Rd

Pick fresh berries in Brampton at Downey's! This beloved farm is the ultimate cute date spot.

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7. West Toronto Lawn Bowling // 38 Priscilla Ave

Lawn bowling is a real thing people! Take your spin at West Toronto Lawn Bowling and challenge your significant other to a game.

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8. Harbourfront Canoe & Kayak Centre // 283 Queens Quay W

Explore the harbour by canoe and kayak! Because if you've been together forever, you've probably walked along it 100 times.

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9. Glen Rouge Campground // 7540 Kingston Road

Toronto's only campground is in Scarborough. Enjoy the beauty of Glen Rouge and take some time away with your significant other not too far from the city.

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10. Toronto Knife Throwing // 6 Curity Ave, Unit 22

If you and your loved one are in a fight and need to get out some anger, go to Toronto knife throwing. Guaranteed you'll feel better after.

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11. iFly Toronto // 2007 Winston Park Drive

Have you and your significant other always wanted to skydive but been too scared? This indoor sky zone in Oakville is the perfect way to satisfy that need, without the risk.

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12. Archery District // 770 Birchmount Rd. Unit 22

Become Katniss and Peta at Archery District. This battle zone is the perfect place to get competitive with the person you love. Be careful though!

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13. David Dunlap Observatory // 123 Hillsview Dr. 

This amazing observatory in Richmond Hill allows you to star gaze. You'll definitely be amazed at the galaxy, and looking at the stars is actually pretty romantic.

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