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13 Toronto Bars That Offer SO MUCH MORE Than Just Drinking

It's time for a new adventure!
13 Toronto Bars That Offer SO MUCH MORE Than Just Drinking

The nightlife scene in Toronto has a whole lot to offer. Each bar, club and lounge has something completely unique to offer so you're basically guaranteed a super fun night out. 

Although for most people the whole point of going out is to have a great time with their friends and drink amazing cocktails, it's also good to find places that aren't just all about drinking. 

These places offer so much more than just a place to get drunk, they're places to have fun, play games and get competitive! 

13. SPiN Toronto 

Where: 461 King St W // King West

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SPiN is a ping pong bar located on King West that's perfect for all you competitive Torontonians out there! You can reserve a table in advance any day of the week to enjoy with you friends or your S/O.


12. The Get Well

Where: 1181 Dundas St W // Trinity Bellwoods

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The Get Well Bar is a great place to go if you're looking to do more than just drink. They have tons of old arcade bars as well as a pizzeria attached to it which you can actually enjoy in the bar!


11. The Addison's Residence 

Where: 456 Wellington St W // King West

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The Addison's Residence hosts the ultimate house party in the city. They're a club designed like an up-scale apartment that has a bar, DJs, free pizza and lots of fun games!


10. Track & Field Bar

Where: 860 College St // Little Italy

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Track & Field is a super fun bar in Toronto that is great for drinking, dancing and some competitive games. They have bocce ball and shuffle board lanes that you can reserve in advance!


9. Famous Last Words

Where: 392 Pacific Ave // The Junction

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Famous Last Words is a book-themed bar where all the delicious cocktails are named after famous books! They host tons of book events and you can enjoy your night checking out new books to add to your reading list.


8. Rock n' Horse Saloon

Where: 250 Adelaide St W // Downtown Toronto

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If you're a fan of everything country, this is definitely the bar for you. They're always playing the best country hits and they have a mechanical bull that you can try your skills out on!


7. Power Up Game Bar

Where: 38 Wellington St E // Downtown Toronto

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Power Up Game Bar is a bar that's all about gaming. You can pay to rent consoles for games like Mario Kart, Rock Band, Rocket League and more! They also have a whole menu of food to enjoy.


6. The Ballroom Bowl 

Where: 145 John St // Downtown Toronto

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The Ballroom Bowl is a great spot to go out in Toronto. They have a bowling alley downstairs that's perfect for a night out and then the upstairs turns into a club later at night.


5. Snakes & Lattes

Where: 600 Bloor St W // The Annex

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Snakes and Lattes is probably the best board game bar in Toronto. They don't only offer coffees though, they also have a full menu of food and drinks to enjoy!


4. Belfast Love Public House

Where: 548 King St W // King West

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Belfast Love is a super chill bar that's perfect for a night out in the city. They have a huge selection of beers on tap and you can come and enjoy a game of pool with your friends!


3. The Greater Good Bar

Where: 229 Geary Ave // Wychwood

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The Greater Good Bar is a craft beer bar with a huge selection of beers on tap. Not only do they have a huge selection of drinks but they also have vintage arcade games, skeeball and North of Brooklyn Pizza!


2. Bangarang 

Where: 552 College St // Little Italy

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The new sister bar to Track & Field is Bangarang! They offer fun games like cornhole, obscure table top games, and a dance floor on the weekend. Of course, there's tons of great drinks and music as well.


1. Local Public Eatery 

Where: 171 E Liberty St // Liberty Village

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There's a few different Local restaurants across Toronto but the Liberty Village one offers the most fun. They have activities like shuffle board, bocce ball outside in the summer, and more!