Fall is by far the greatest season, ever. You're not freezing your butt off just yet, and are not dying from a heatwave either. Between sipping on hot ciders, watching the leaves burst into gorgeous colours and sweaters for days, there's nothing that fall doesn't bring that you cannot enjoy!

Every year, the city is bustling with endless things to do. This list will help you get started on making the best of fall in Toronto. 

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Cask Days Festival

Where: 550 Bayview Ave // Rosedale

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When: October 20th- October 22nd, times vary.

Why should you go: 2 words- 400 beers. That's right, the 13th annual Cask Days Festival is back. You get the chance to experience unfiltered, untouched beer straight from the cask! Featuring beers from breweries across Canada and the USA, this is should be on every beer-lovers bucket list for the fall!


Toronto After Dark Film Festival

Where: 259 Richmond St W. // Entertainment District

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When: October 12th-October 20th, times vary.

Why should you go: This one is for the horror movie fanatics out there! 9 nights of scary movies to indulge in. The films featured are from all over the world, giving each one a unique twist, meaning thrill seekers will not be disappointed!


Toronto Chocolate Festival

Where: Various locations

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When: November 1st- November 30th, times vary.

Why should you go: This is a dream come true kind of festival. This city wide event will let you go wild in everything chocolate- from various shops, vendors and types of chocolate delicacies, this will be one heavenly event. Not only is there a 'Luxury Chocolate Show" as well, but you also get to feast your eyes on firefighters, EMS, and police officers as they compete against each other in the ChocOlympics!


Rutas Panamericas International Performing Arts Festival

Where: 1 Wiltshire Ave // Junction Triangle

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When: October 5th-October 16th, times vary.

Why should you go: The performing arts community in Toronto is one of the largest in Canada, so this festival seems very fitting. Welcoming artists from around the world this festival host the best of the best- from exhibits, to performances and concerts. Plus, there are workshops and master classes that will be held during the festival where you can perfect your craft!


Royal Agriculture Winter Fair, Exhibition Place

Where: 100 Princes' Blvd // King West Village

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When: November 3rd-November 12th, times vary.

Why should you go: First off, do not be scared off by the word "WINTER"- this is very much a cool fall weather festival. 25 years running, this festival draws out thousands of people. From the agriculture show, to the stunning horse show, this festival is a yearly must see!


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Pop ups


Where: 950 Queen St W. // West Queen West

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When: October 1st-December 31st, times vary.

Why should you go: For those who love nothing, but sleep (aka the majority of the world) you have two whole months to check out this pop up that has everything and anything you need to partake in your favourite time of the day. Apart from featuring many different brands, there will also be a variety of events the whole duration of the pop up hosted by the different brands.


Archive Toronto

Where: 156 Augusta Ave // Chinatown

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When: October 13th-October 15th, 12pm-8pm

Why should you go: The purpose of this pop up is to showcase the talents of designers that they believe have contributed significantly to the world of modern fashion. From works of Raf Simons to Yohji Yamamoto, you will also get the chance to take a peek at upcoming designers as well!


L'Oreal Professional

Where: 20 Richmond St E. // Garden District

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When: October 16th, 6pm-8pm

Why should you go: Are you intrigued by the new trends and secrets for your hair? No one better than L'Oreal to aid that curiosity! Come to learn about all the latest tips and tricks for your hair, and walk out a hair product genius!


Black and White Fright

Where: 2186 Dundas St W. // Roncesvalles Village

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When: October 26th-November 1st, times vary.

Why should you go: Take a trip down memory late and revisit some old horror classics through the art work that this pop up presents! All the works are originals, making this a must visit pop up.


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The Trinity Bellwoods Flea- Autumn Market 

Where: 1087 Queen St W. // West Queen West

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When: October 22nd, 10am-5pm

Why should you go: We've said all the glorious things fall brings, and this market brings everything together. From a sweet line of vendors that cover every thing from local crafts to food, you can spend the entire day here and leave with just about everything for your fall needs!


Farmers Markets

Where: Various locations

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When: Year round; fall months feature fall weather produce.

Why should you go: Farmers' markets are the go-to markets in the fall with their fresh seasonal selections. The city has tonnes of them, most of which are actually open year round.


Toronto Night Crawl Market and Live Auction

Where: 1083 Queen St W. // West Queen West

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When: October 13th, 6pm-12:05am

Why should you go: The first ever Night Crawl Market and Live Auction is a one day event that will have 60 artists, desginers, music, food and so much more! Be careful though...Friday the 13th means you must be extra careful!


One of a Kind Show & Sale

Where: 100 Princes' Blvd // King West Village

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When: November 23rd-December 3rd, times vary.

Why should you go: To end off the fall festivities, this show and sale is the perfect market style venue to visit. No better marketplace to help you transition from the fall spook season, to the holiday season that follows!