13 Best Pasta Spots In Toronto That Will Take You To Italy

Viva Italia!
13 Best Pasta Spots In Toronto That Will Take You To Italy

Nothing is as satisfying as a big bowl of a saucy pasta when you're hungry. Whether it's piping hot or chilled cold, something about the simplicity of noodles is truly hard to beat. Thanks to Toronto's multiculturalism we have thousands of options when it comes to delicious pasta spots.

Sure you could pop into the nearest East Side Mario's, but where is the authenticity? Never settle for plain old spaghetti and meatballs when you can have rigatoni mezze! Everyone can boil water so we've hooked you up with some delicious restaurants where the pasta will change the game.

There you have it Toronto. Try these 13 amazing pasta hot spots that even true Italians can appreciate.

1. Lil' Baci // 892 Queen St. East & 2013 Yonge St.

This Italian restaurant is any pasta lovers dream.  With classics, such as spaghetti pomodoro, while also serving up twists on gnocchi and rigatoni!

2. Carisma // 73 King St. East

Open for lunch and dinner Carisma knows exactly how we like our pasta. Do your taste buds a favour order the spaghettini ai gamberi!

3. Fabbrica // 49 Karl Fraser Rd.

This spot knows that pasta is a staple during any dinner! Never go hungry again because the linguine will change your life.

4. Hey Lucy // 440 Bloor St., 229 Carlton St. & 295 King St. West

Sure it's not exactly classic Italian cuisine, but we can get behind all the pasta they have to offer. With three convenient locations it's easy to understand why we love them. Whether you're into mac n' cheese or rosé chicken fusilli, everyone can find some great noodles to love.

5. Tutti Matti // 364 Adelaide St. West

Inspired by Tuscan cuisine Tutti Matti is known for its delicious pasta dishes. Bringing in a good mix of classic and seasonal dishes, you don't miss out on their latest menu!

6. Gusto 101 // 101 Portland St.

Not only is Gusto 101 delicious, it's also adorable! Eat your fill with their delectable dishes, you'll be sure to love it!

7. Capocaccia //1366 Yonge St.

From small cafe to a bustling restaurant, Capocaccia had to expand to fit in all their eager customers! Try it out and see for yourself!

8.  Buca // 604 King St. West, 75 Portland St. & 53 Scollard St.

Not one or two, but three Buca locations leaves you with no excused to get this fabulous pasta. Do yourself a favour and grab a bowl of their hand-cut pasta!

9. Trattoria Nervosa // 75 Yorkville Ave.

This has been a staple of the Italian scene in Toronto since 1996. Focused around southern Italian cuisine, be sure to grab a steaming bowl of mafalde ai funghi when you visit!

10. Nodo // 2885 Dundas St. West & 794 St. Clair Ave. West

Not only does Nodo offer unreal pasta, they also offer up their restaurant as an event space. Rent it out for your next party so you and your friends can enjoy some delicious ricotta ravioli.

11. Enoteca Sociale // 1288 Dundas St. West

If you want to experience life as a Roman, we suggest heading to Enoteca Sociale for pasta and fun!  Try the cacio e pepe for a pasta dish that surely won't disappoint!

12. Ovest // 788 King St. West

Ovest is a must if you're looking for a good bowl of pasta at a reasonable price. Chef Haley Allen won us over with the tagliatelle!

13. Campagnolo // 832 Dundas St. West

Find us wrapped around a fork at Campagnolo. Serving up house-made pasta you're never going to have a bad bite!

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