Summer time can be insanely busy.  We tend to get caught up in work, significant others, family matters, and vacation plans.  But we all have to remember to sneak in some girl time.

Even though your bestie may be jet settings around the world for the summer, or working crazy hours at her new job, there is always time to plan a reunion.  Make your reservation, and get ready to get tipsy on wine and bloated from nachos.

It's time to reunite with your pals and enjoy some good vibes and better food. 

1. Colette Grand Café // 550 Wellington St W.

If you don't have the budget for Paris this summer, try going to Colette Grand Café. Catch up with you besties over tea, cappuccinos and macarons in this super welcoming spot!

2. The Drake Hotel Sky Yard // 1150 Queen St W.

Grab your girls and head to the Drake for either late night drinks, or a hangover brunch. Since the Sky Yard is outside you won't have to worry about that one friend that is super loud. Don't lie, we all have that one pal that doesn't know the difference between screaming and talking at a normal level.

3. Forget Me Not Cafe // 883 Wilson Ave.

They have a Nutella Latte here, I have said enough.

4. Figo // 295 Adelaide St W.

Figo is insanely beautiful. It's a great place if you're looking to ball-out on an amazing night out with your girls. It may be a bit more pricy than 3 dollar mix drinks on Adelaide, but totally worth the splurge.

Photo cred -@ladyleels

5. Local // 171 East Liberty St.

The Local is the perfect place for your girl gang to get a little tipsy and gossip about all the Tinder dates you never got updated on. Pro tip, their sangria is delicious and perfect for sharing!

6. Gusto 101 // 101 Portland St.

Gusto 101 is the ultimate place to bring your friends who are constantly on a budget. NOBODY can pass up $1/1oz wine. NOBODY.

7. Cluny // 35 Tank House Lane.

Cluny has an amazing ambience that is sure to set the mood for an awesome girls night. If you're not looking to grab dinner, this place is also open for brunch (aka the most important meal of the day).

8.  Patois // 794 Dundas St W.

Patois is home to some of the cutest tropical drinks in Toronto. Patois has delicious food, good music, and attentive service. This spot also has some prime Insta opportunities, don't pass those up ladies.

Photo cred -@alanaisabellaa

9. True True // 169 King St. E.

Realistically Pizza was made to be consumed with your best friend. I have absolutely destroyed an XL pizza with my pal too many times to count. True True allows you to class up your usual pizza binge with your BFF while enjoying a new spot in Toronto!

10. The Beaconsfield // 1154 Queen St W.

The Beaconsfield is the perfect spot for casuals on the patio while venting with your gal pals. There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying a sunny afternoon on a patio with your girls. Also be sure to try the coconut shrimp, it's unbelievable.

11. La Société // 131 Bloor St W.

Brunch is vital for a true friendship. Grab your girls and head to La Societe for a relaxing place to wind down from your weekend.

12. Carmen // 922 Queen St W.

I think all healthy friendships float on a river of Sangria. Carmen's sangria is 100% worth trying, and the perfect beverage to accompany their addicting fried artichokes.

13. Chabichou // 196 Borden St.

I'm assuming there is a pretty good chance that you and your girls like wine and cheese (sorry vegan friends). Chabichou is an incredible spot with an array of cheeses, and drinks. They also have a beautiful patio if you're looking for an outdoor spot.