13 Toronto Youtubers You Need To Know About ASAP

Ones to watch.
13 Toronto Youtubers You Need To Know About ASAP

It's no secret that Torontonians are insanely creative. Our cultural scene is one of the most significant in Canada, making it no surprise that our city has some of the most unique and diverse content creators around. While Toronto has already bred a few bonafide Youtube superstars (looking at you GigiGorgeous and Vanossgaming), we are also home to a number of up and comers.

While these Youtubers may not have an astronomical number of subscribers (yet), these talented content creators are definitely on their way there. From risings stars to Youtube newcomers, here is our list of 13 Toronto Youtubers that are definitely the ones to watch.


Bianca Harris 

A fully fledged makeup artist, Bianca Harris is a George Brown College grad who has seen her work appear everywhere from on CTV News to FTV Magazine. Nowadays, Bianca's work can be found on her Youtube channel, where she posts stylish yet straightforward videos like a beginner makeup series and tutorials inspired by celebs like Zendaya and Zoe Kravitz.


Sharmaine Sermonia

Sharmaine Sermonia, or YAWNICORN as she is known on social media, is a Toronto based illustrator and content creator. Though primarily an artist, Sharmaine uses her Youtube channel to share her unique fashion sense through lookbooks, OOTDs and styling vids, though you can expect to see some of her animations pop up throughout her channel. Sharmaine regularly collaborates with other up and coming Torontonian content creators.



Considering the self-promotional nature of the website, finding a Youtuber who is down to earth and realcan seem pretty impossible. That's what makes Maya of Transmermaid, a transgendered Youtuber, so great. Her candid approach to her content and her social media presence is utterly refreshing. No two videos on Maya's channels are the same, with topics ranging from her experience on estrogen pills to fashion lookbooks and much more.


Istiana Bestari

For major travel inspo, look no further than Istiana Bestari. Though the model is based out of Toronto, her channel features regular travel vlogs to incredible destinations like Singapore and Paris. When she's not gallivanting the globe, Istiana uses her channel to showcase her amazing singing voice and fashion sense.


Vijaya Selvaraju

Vijaya Selvaraju is a bonafide food expert. As an regular guest on the Marilyn Denis show, a creator at Tastemaker and a previous host of Gusto's One World Kitchen, Vijaya has a ton of experience under her belt, making her transition to Youtube only natural. Vijaya updates her channel regularly with easy to follow meal tutorials for recipes like South Indian Chicken Biryani and gluten free cookies.


Mademoiselle Ruta

Meet Mademoiselle Ruta, your new source for all things fashion and beauty. This 25-year-old Youtuber posts videos twice a week on a wide variety of topics, like tips on styling metallic skirts and honest reviews of beauty products like mascara and lipstick. Ruta is a natural in front of the camera, so watching her can seem more like listening to a friend talk rather than watching a pre-filmed video.



It's common knowledge that gaming videos are some of the biggest on Youtube, with video game enthusiasts making up some of the top subscribed channels. While Toronto's Vanoss Gaming has already swept the Youtube gaming world, it seems as though another local gamer is ready to give Vanoss a run for his money. JKB is a Torontonian Youtuber whose content is largely made up of reviews of recent video games and films. His impressive video game knowledge and honest approach to his reviews make his channel a force to reckon with in the Youtube gaming community.


Lauren Toyota

Considering how much time Lauren Toyota has spent in front of a camera, it makes total sense that she's a Youtube natural. Over the past ten years, Lauren has worked as a MuchMusic VJ and MTV Canada host and has appeared on eTalk and Fashion Television. These days, you can find Lauren hosting hot for food, a vegan recipe channel, as well as running her own channel, Lauren in Real Life, where she posts vlogs, vegan meal ideas, Q&As and more.


C'erine Babyy

If scouring Pinterest for hair tutorials sounds like your kind of thing, you'll love C'erine Babyy. Though she posts a variety of beauty and fashion themed videos, the majority of her content revolve around hair. From beginner tips on blowdrying to more advanced tutorials for bridal updos and infinity braids, C'erine Babyy is the definitive source for all things hair.


Steve Dangle

For Leafs fans dying to analyze the details of each and every game, Steve Dangle is a name you need to know. The hockey fanatic takes to his Youtube channel after every Leafs game to summarize and discuss all that happened. Steve's sense of humour combined with his insane hockey knowledge make his videos both entertaining and informational for all fans of the sport.



If Toronto's Youtube community has a rising star, it is most definitely Allegralouise. 2016 was a big year for the beauty and fashion Youtuber, who scored a partnership with Neutrogena and filmed a fashion film with Uncle Apparel. With her cool-girl style and high quality vids, Allegra definitely has what it takes to make it big, so we can't wait to see what's next for the Youtuber.


Calista Kim 

If you've ever wanted to learn Photoshop but aren't sure how to start, it's time to subscribe to Calista Kim. The Youtube newcomer is a Photoshop wiz, as evidenced by her artistic video style. Each video is specific in its topic, with tutorials on modifying clothing design and adding tattoos. Her videos are concise and straight forward, making them perfect for illustrators of every level.



Genesis is a minimalist fashion Youtuber who uses Toronto as a key backdrop throughout her videos. Her unique video style is distinctly artistic and the camera work is so impressive you might think you were watching a short film rather than a "What's in my bag?" video. Her content is largely made up of styling videos and #OOTDs, though she has started to incorporate vlogging into her channel over the past few weeks.

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