Some days you wish you could just take a break from the noise, both in the city and in your head, and chill the F out. Toronto seems like an unlikely place to find peace and tranquility, but if you look closely, there are a few hidden spots where you’ll feel like you’ve escaped the city without actually having to leave.

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If you need a place to clear your head, we got you covered. Here are X totally zen places to escape the city in the city.

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Allan Gardens // 19 Horticultural Ave

Located in the heart of Toronto, this greenhouse will make you feel like you've stepped into a mini oasis. Meander through the exotic plants and take that perfect Instagram worthy photo.

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Cloud Gardens Conservatory // 14 Temperance St

You'll instantly feel like you're deep in the rainforest. A true hidden gem, this tropical cloud forest is nestled between the office towers of the bustling Financial District.

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Donnelly Centre // 160 College St

This secret bamboo forest is one of Toronto's best kept secrets. It's the perfect spot for mindful meditation. Open to UofT students and the public, you'l feel like you're in a Japanese garden- what could be more zen than that?

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Ryerson Urban Farm // 245 Church St

The rooftop farm you had no idea existed in the city. Located on top of the George Vari Engineering Centre, this space was converted into an ecological market garden in 2013. The gardens on the main floor are open to the public and rooftop access can be arranged by scheduling a tour.

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City Hall's Podium Green Roof // 100 Queen Street West

Toronto loves its green rooftops, and City Hall is no exception. Come unwind after a stressful day in the heart of the downtown core. The Podium Green Roof is the best of both worlds- a green space in an urban jungle.

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Edwards Gardens // 755 Lawrence Ave E

A former estate garden, this spot takes care of all your nature aesthetic needs. Annuals, roses, and wildflowers are abundant, and they're kept in pristine condition.

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Toronto Botanical Gardens // 777 Lawrence Ave E

Located in the north east corner of the Edwards Gardens, this "little garden with big ideas" might be the spot for you for you to forget those woes you picked up while running through the 6ix.

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Toronto Music Garden // 479 Queens Quay W

One of the best waterfront gardens, this bach-inspired paradise, co-designed by cellist, Yo Yo Ma, will put you in touch with your musical side. We all know music is one of the biggest stress relievers.

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Spadina Wavedeck // 401 Queens Quay W

Water=tranquility. This eccentric spot literally lets you walk on water (kind of). Follow the waves along the waterfront trail.

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Humber Bay Arch Bridge // South of Lakeshore Blvd W

One of Toronto's forgotten treasures, the bridge along the Humber Bay Park trail is a great spot for cyclists and pedestrians alike. The sunsets from here are guarunteed to give you a tranquil trance.

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Sherbourne Common // 61 Dockside Dr

A former industrial hub transformed into a much needed green space on the water. Come ponder the award winning architecture and stiumulate your artistic side. Art is one of the best forms of therapy.

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Riverdale Park // 550 Broadview Ave

Not at all affiliated with the Netflix series. But, the park does have one of the most amazing views of the city skyline and plenty of other outdoor activities. Some days you just need to get out and enjoy the sunshine!

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High Park // 1873 Bloor St W

It's the Central Park of Toronto and the largest public park in the city. Home to off-leash dog parks, beautiful cherry blossoms, the zoo, and yoga classes in the park, spend the day and let your worries melt away.