It seems these days you can't turn a corner in Toronto without running into a bubble tea shop. Honestly, no complaints- bubble is quite possibly one of my favourite drinks. With so many locations to choose from its hard to figure out just where the best bubble tea spot might be.

In that case, why not hit them all up? Who's going to stop you? No one! Here is just a few of the bubble tea spots around the city.

The Alley

Where: 5 St. Joseph St // Church and Wellesley

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Why should you go: This cozy location in the vibrant neighborhood of Church and Wellesley is the go-to bubble tea date with your friends. There is plenty of seating and 100% natural ingredients (they even make their own sugar cane syrup!)


Gong Cha Tea

Where: Multiple locations

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Why should you go: This location in very well known internationally, so makes sense that it would make the list. They have a really wide range of teas for you to choose from, and they are always creating new ones- meaning you can never run out of new flavours to try!


Easy Drink Easy Go

Where: Multiple locations

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Why should you go: True to its name, this location makes it easy for you to come and grab a drink while you're on the go! Of course, if you choose to sit and stay, that's always an option!


Funky Munkey

Where: 9275 Markham Rd // Markham

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Why should you go: While it may be a bit out of the way all the way in Markham, this bubble tea spot is excellent for long study sessions or chats; ample amounts of space, and great teas to accompany you.



Where: Multiple locations

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Why should you go: Another spot with many locations, making it easy to find one that's close to you! The ingredients in the teas are shipped directly from Taiwan, making it a really authentic experience!


Happy Lemon

Where: Multiple locations

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Why should you go: They don't just have bubble tea, but all sorts of other drinks as well. The one great thing about this place is that presentation is key, and every drink is presented in the cutest way- talk about instagramable!



Where: 4188 Finch Ave E // Scarborough

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Why should you go: I think Royaltea is the ultimate trendsetter. They don't serve your teas in just regular cups- but in light bulbs, "blood packs" and more! They are full of fun ideas and experiments that have you coming back for more.


Coco Fresh Tea and Juice

Where: Multiple locations

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Why should you go: Talk about a tea and juice heaven! This location brings you the best of both. From huge selections, fresh tasting drinks and a good food menu to pair it with, it makes for a great spot for your next bubble tea excursion.


Go For Tea

Where: 3700 Midland Ave // Scarborough

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Why should you go: This dimly lit location is more than just bubble tea. You might "go for tea" but you end up staying for so much more, including the amazing food menu! Perfect for a night with friends or s/o.


Ten Ren's Tea

Where: Multiple locations

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Why should you go: Another spot to come and go for a quick drink. This internationally known spot has hundreds of locations around the world.


Tea Shop 168

Where: Multiple locations

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Why should you go: From bubble teas in mason jars to Italian sodas, this location has something for everyone, meaning if you end up going with someone who doesn't like bubble tea (how dare they?!) they will have other options!


Bubble Tease

Where: Multiple locations

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Why should you go: Sure this is just like any other stop on the list, but what makes it unique are the names of the drinks! You're sure to be entertained while you're here.



Where: 27 Baldwin Street // Downtown Toronto

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Why you should go: Charidise, is smack-dab in the middle of Downtown, combines casual dining with a chic menu and Instagram-worthy interior design. The cafe serves what they call 'Taiwanese gourmet', and the menu is a diverse mix of poutine, burgers, rice, noodles and fried snacks - and of course unreal bubble teas. Charadise's drink menu is devoted to slushies, milkshakes, sparkling drinks and a whopping 20 types of tea - hot, milk, bubble and iced.



Where: 414 Dundas St W // Toronto Chinatown

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Why should you go: Dubbed Taiwan's tea specialists, Presotea stands out from the pack because they brew their teas by using the espresso-type machine to keep the flavor and sweetness of tea. Consequently your bubble tea from here won't just be delicious, it'll also be freshly brewed - which makes it healthier.


Bubble Republic

Where: Multiple Locations

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Why should you go: Founded in 2000 in Mississauga, the chain has been serving up Taiwan pearl milk tea and Taiwanese snacks for over 14 years. Bubble Republic is actually a wholesaler of raw pearl milk tea material, which means when it comes Taiwan pearl milk tea in Toronto these guys know what they're doing.